Plant a Garden and Better Your Health

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If you have been looking for a new hobby then maybe one you should consider is planting a garden. It can be rewarding, healthy and educating all at the same time. You get the benefit of being outside in the fresh air and warm sunlight which will provide your body with Vitamin D as well as see the rewards of your efforts as time progresses. You also get some exercise in as well and everyone can use some of that, don't you think?

The great thing about a garden is that if you forget to water the plants or pull the weeds then your plants will die but you can easily go back and replant new ones. This can be a great method for teaching kids responsibility without putting a pet through the suffering of neglect if they lose interest.

You also get to be rewarded with having a garden full of gorgeous plants. Flowers can liven up the yard and bring buzzing little bees and birds in to the area as well as beautiful flowers for your viewing enjoyment. When it's time to harvest your crop you also get to bring home tasty fruits and vegetables to use for you and your family. You can even donate part of the crop to a local food bank if you have more then you need.

The greatest part about having your own fresh produce to consume is that if planted right it is possible to have that freshness year round in varying plants right outside your door. This cuts your grocery bill almost in half while providing you with much healthier options for your meals.

Of course, all these benefits are pretty obvious, but have you thought about the ones that aren't so obvious as well? While you should already know that fruits and vegetables are healthy and an essential part of our diet you should also know that all the chemicals used on them during their growth isn't so much. If all you have access to is the produce on the super market shelves then that is one thing, but you can rest easier knowing exactly what has came in contact with your food by growing it yourself.

The commercial fertilizers and other chemicals used on produce for mass production to be sold to stores can block the plants from sucking up all the nutrients they normally hold. This is done so they grow faster and yield more per crop but at the expense of being less healthy. When you have grown your own you can choose not to use any chemicals and have plants that are absolutely full of those essential vitamins. Your crop won't be near as big of course, but it will be a much healthier option.

You can also practice better environmental habits with your own garden as well. Creating a compost pile cuts down on a lot of waste you would normally throw out and can provide you with rich, chemical free fertilizer for your plants.

The health benefits of having a garden are plentiful. You can feel good about yourself knowing when you prepare a meal for your family that it is of the highest quality and totally healthy.

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Author: Annie Deakin
Annie is an expert furniture and interior design writer.

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Article Title: Plant a Garden and Better Your Health

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