Perserverance is the key to success!

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The longer I live the more credence I place in the saying that, 'Adversity is
the struggle that defines who we are in life.' If you have lived long enough in
life to have a few grey hairs, or no hair at all, it's probably fair to say that
you have experienced adversity at some point during your life. Today's global
economic conditions and challenge of competing in an increasingly smaller and
smaller world is an equal opportunity adversity supplier even to the most
optimistic individuals. Having recently lost my father I have seen firsthand
what adversity looks like and have stared it straight in the eye. Adversity is
a fierce beast with long horns, rows upon rows of sharp teeth and an insatiable
hunger. It feeds on your fear getting stronger and stronger with each doubt and
self pity feeling that you exude. The only weapon that can pierce its thickly
armored skin is the will to overcome and play at a level that is 'above the
rim'. This basketball analogy, describes the phenomenon of basketball play that
is only experienced by the best of the best and those players who are gifted,
and blessed with superior athletic ability. Therefore when adversity strikes
the everyday person, we have the choice to moan and complain about the
inequities of life, or decide that victim is not in our vocabulary and that we
will rise above any problem, no matter what the investment in time and resources

Great books, like Freakanomics, The Tipping Point, and The World is Flat all
assist in helping to explain why adversity is alive and well within our world
today. Many of these approaches are science based, but help the reader to
understand the forces that affect each and every one in some form or fashion.
Those of us who take direction from a spiritual compass would explain
adversarial events as a time when character is being built, or the loss of favor
with God. No matter how one explains it, There is usually only one way around
it, and that is to face it head on and mentally/spiritually decide, 'if things
are going to get better, I will have to change something'. This is a huge step
for so many people, because for whatever reason (poor/no role models, appearance
of insurmountable odds, no spiritual foundation) folks find themselves lacking a
strategy or a game plan.

I have redone my blog and am going to issue content that I hope will be both
inspirational as well as informative in overcoming adversity. Much of it will
be business based because quite honestly, financial independence is often
associated with overcoming adversity. I would argue that this is only one
dimension, but because of the global economy it consumes a great deal of our
human capital, therefore it will command the majority of my capacity.
Additionally, I will share philosophical views and opinions that have served me
well in both Corporate America, in my faith journey and most importantly as a
loving dad, husband and son. I look forward to you company.

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Author: Grady Burrows
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Article Title: Perserverance is the key to success!

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