Permealay Black Weed Control/Landscape Fabric

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A permeable black ground cover fabric with a multitude of uses in the garden and greenhouse. Permealay is a heavy duty spun-bonded polypropylene fabric, which is permeable to air, moisture and nutrients.

Lining and covering compost bins to conserve warmth and moisture, suppress weed growth and exclude insects.

Lining of sand pits to separate sand from the sub-soil but allow free drainage.

Lining of outside plant tubs to improve insulation and exclude insect pests.

Temporary covering of ground before planting to 'pre-warm' the soil.

To insulate stored root crops, bulbs and tubers over winter

To form a liner for hanging baskets

For maintenance-free shrub plantings, gravelled and 'wood-chipped' areas
Cover the ground and plant through crosses cut in the fabric.
After planting cover the material with wood chips, bark or gravel. Permealay may also be used under gravelled paths or paved areas to stabilise the ground and suppress weed growth.

Vegetables and Soft Fruit
Peg out the fabric and plant through crosses cut in the fabric. It is especially recommended for the following crops: courgettes, lettuce, marrows, cabbage, cauliflower, sweetcorn, tomatoes, strawberries, gooseberries and currants.
Crops grown through Permealay may also be covered with Enviromesh (for protection against pests, wind, hail and heavy rain) or Envirofleece for frost protection.

In the Greenhouse
For crops grown directly in the ground, peg out the fabric and plant through crosses cut in fabric. It is particularly recommended for tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and peppers. It may also be used to cover the ground where plants in pots or growing-bags are stood.

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Author: Julie Brandreth

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Article Title: Permealay Black Weed Control/Landscape Fabric

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