Organic Square Foot Gardening Can Save Money

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Today we know more about the food we consume than ever before. We all know that buying and consuming organic items such as vegetables is better for our health. Growing in this manner is also better for the environment. This is because organic growing does not use pesticides and chemicals which harm the environment. The only problem with buying items such as organic vegetables is that they can very expensive.

Sometimes people whether to spend the money to buy organic for their health or spend less on other less healthy produce in order to make ends meet. Making that decision can be eliminated due to an option which is even cheaper than buying produce grown through inferior means. That option is organic square foot gardening. Growing one�s own organic vegetables this way is both sun and very cost effective.

Square foot gardening kits such as those sold by Green Diamond Gardens offers the possibility for anyone, anywhere the ability to have their own organic garden. These kits are easy to assemble gardens which are small enough to fit on a balcony or indoors. Their 4x4 size offer the possibility to yield a good amount of vegetables for one�s home use. They could possibly pay for themselves after the first harvest.

Many people may not even want to attempt Gardening since gardening can seem intimidating to those who have no gardening experience. Organic square foot gardening is made easy with many of the features designed for use within a square foot gardening kit. Many of the features take the most common problems gardeners face and make them fool proof.

One of the features for a square foot garden which make it almost impossible to fail at gardening is the soil offered to be used with them. The soil for organic square foot gardening offered by Green Diamond Gardens is comprised a third each of peat moss, compost, and coarse grade vermiculite. Using this premixed soil gives organic plants and vegetables the right environment for them to thrive in. It is also designed so that you can dig easily into them for planting, weeding and harvesting.

Water plants is essential for them grow properly. Giving plants too much or too little water can kill them. Most people who are just starting out in organic square foot gardening are often unsure how to properly water their plants. This problem is eliminated with the drip irrigation system feature offered for use with the Green Diamond Gardens square foot gardening kit. This feature delivers water to plants on the correct amount at the right time. There is no need to worry about having to remember to water your garden.

The benefits of organic square foot gardening are many. By using a square foot gardening kit one can reap the benefits of the relaxation offering from tending to a garden which leads to better physical and emotional health. There is also the health benefit of consuming organic vegetables and the benefit obtaining organic produce through the cost effectiveness means of gardening. If all that were not enough there is benefit of adding the beauty of plants to your home.

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Author: Nelson Goodman
Nelson Goodman is an avid urban gardener and long time square foot gardener. For more on square foot gardening check out

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Article Title: Organic Square Foot Gardening Can Save Money

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