Now You Can Eat Organic Foods and Have an Organic Garden Living in an Apartment!

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When you go to the grocery store or supermarket to buy fruits or vegetables, do
you pick just any produce or are you particular about getting organic foods?
There is quite a difference between the two and I think you will agree after
reading this article.

Why buy organic produce?

Organic foods have a higher standard for health for several reasons.

For starters organic food is not grown with any pesticides or nonorganic fertalizer
and my favorite, no human waste fertilizer. Thank you.

Another process that is used is called ionizing radiation. This process kills the
bacteria but may cause genetic alterations.

Organic food used to only be found in small farms and family gardens.

Today most of us can go to the store down the street to get organic foods.
In the US, parts of Europe and Japan, the production of organic foods is currently federally
regulated and in other countries, specific organic certification is required before
these foods can be sold.

You can also find organic foods at farmers markets, supermarkets and roadside stands.

Because the organic food is grown in season not all organic food is available at all times.

In truth, processed organic foods need only contain a certain percentage of organic

Your food can be labeled organic with 95% organic ingredients if you live in Australia.
In other countries, however, the percentage can be less than that.

There are no food additives in the nonorganic ingredients.
In some cases, the organic food must be made using energy-saving techniques and packaged
in recyclable or biodegradable materials. Bonus im already seeing good karma.

Sometimes it may be difficult to identify food that is actually organic.
Sometimes, you need to buy directly from an organic grower in order to be certain
the food is organic or eat from your own online garden that you can keep a webcam eye on.

The health benefits and comfort in knowing that your food is healthy is worth
the effort. Try changing to organic or even getting your own online organic garden.

The food is incredibly tasty and will bring your body to life!

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Author: Mikey Pierce
To find out exactly how to grow your own organic garden, visit my website about organic foods.

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Article Title: Now You Can Eat Organic Foods and Have an Organic Garden Living in an Apartment!

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