Need to Save Money? Replace Supplements With Super Food

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Everyone is searching for a way to eat right, stay healthy and save money. But what can you do when you are told you need extra vitamins and expensive supplements to boost your health and stay in shape? Well, you might want to consider the possibility of using some of the items that are now listed on super food lists.

A food that is Super may sound as though it is something should be on the breakfast table of real super heroes, right? Well, maybe we had all best take another look at what these types of foods really are, and what they can do for everyday consumers.

The mental picture of Fruit-of-the-Loom cartoon super heroes certainly comes to mind, but the real impact of these foods on one's health is nothing to laugh at. Essentially, nutritionists tell us that by adding Super healthy foods to your diet, you can lower cholesterol; improve cardiac health and cognition and reduce your risk for cancer- not to mention, help manage you weight and improve your mood. Sounds as though these foods really are something super and even better, they can be used to replace those expensive supplements that you may be used to purchasing and let you save money.

Here is a sampling of some top foods making it onto the list of foods that are now classified as "super foods": Pumpkins, walnuts, tomatoes, oranges, green tea, soy, plain yogurt, broccoli, kale, lentils, beans, berries, turkey and certain types of fish.

Dietary specialists endorse these foods because they are not processed and they all have high levels of antioxidants, fiber and certain vitamins and minerals. This is nothing we haven't heard before; but, an awareness of what constitutes a super food, and how to adapt these items into your diet will be proof enough that you should use them as your body's natural source of vitamins and minerals instead of depending upon man-made supplements. You can't lose because you will save money and boost your health at the same time.

Perhaps at the pinnacle of the Superfood group are those deliciously nutritious blueberries. Consuming a half cup of blueberries daily can greatly boost your health and well-being.

Blueberries are rich in Vitamin C and have a great deal of potassium, and, they are also full of antioxidants and phytoflavinoids. All of these components enable blueberries to combat risk for cancer and heart disease, as well as allow them to act as an anti-inflammatory agent. Fresh berries and other fruits have a super taste and their low cost and versatility help you save money at the store.

Not just the musical fruit anymore, beans are also among the most super of foods, whether they are black, red, white or kidney- they are all high in fiber. These are also inexpensive to purchase and you save money on your grocery tab.

Usually fiber has a reputation for being a miserably chalky or cardboard-like supplement in one's diet, but who would have imagined that a bowl of bean chili could aid in weight loss by keeping hunger at bay, or promote proper cholesterol and blood sugar levels?

Other filling weight loss aids in list of items that are considered super are those foods that are naturally rich in calcium. Also this calcium rich beverage promotes the growth of strong bones and can help you ward off the problem of osteoporosis. Let's think about this- calcium supplements or calcium rich foods? The answer is obvious in this particular instance. You need to go for the more natural choice which is calcium rich super foods.

Omega 3 certainly has a name that sounds as though it should be on any list of super hero worthy foods, but what foods contain Omega 3? Cold water fish are typically high in Omega 3's, like salmon, mackerel and herring; but Omega 3 is also found in flax seed and nuts. A little careful shopping will help you find these products at prices that will definitely help you save money at the store.

The benefits of these foods can help your body, mind and spirit. Not only will 2-3 servings per week of Omega 3 rich foods help prevent problems such as arthritis and cancer it can decrease your personal risk for developing heart disease.

Now that you are able to save money by replacing your high priced supplements with great tasting healthy super nutritious foods you can even enjoy a decadently delicious treat. Yes, rich dark chocolate is another food that is classified as "super"

Dark chocolate is also something that you can enjoy as it boosts your health. We have heard about sweets that are bad for us, but dark chocolate in moderation can actually be beneficial because it lowers blood pressure and adds helpful antioxidants to our internal system. This choice is a perfect way to end a meal fit for any superhero and it even makes a great dessert for those of us just wanting to boost our own health, vitality and energy levels. Why not explore the opportunity of how to save money by making superfoods a part of your family's daily diet now?

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Author: Sean Harbison
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