Need Grass? Zoysia Farms Has the Right Solution For a Lovely Lawn

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People hoping to grow a lush, beautiful lawn often face many challenges in the form of less-than-perfect soil conditions, inadequate sunlight or water, or even possible damage from pet wastes. The search for the best type of grass to meet these challenges can lead to real frustration. The search is over, though, with zoysia grass.

The Best Choice for All Areas
Beautiful but hardy, zoysia provides many benefits for those looking for that perfect lawn. Its unique deep-root system means zoysia needs little watering while also helping to choke out crabgrass and other unwanted summer weeds. Zoysia's sideways growth pattern reduces the need for mowing time to keep it looking perfectly groomed.

Unlike most other decorative grasses, zoysia grows well in clay, rocky, and salty soils. Zoysia is an especially good choice for sandy soils because the air pockets in sandy soil allow rapid root development. Also unlike many other decorative grasses, zoysia grows in inhospitable climatic conditions. As long as zoysia has two to three hours of sunlight each day, it will produce a thick, strong carpet of living green on slopes where it helps control erosion, as well as on hills or in open spaces. Where other grasses burn in intense summer heat, zoysia thrives. It remains healthy in temperatures as high as 120°F, while also able to withstand bitter cold winter temperatures down to -30°F.

Beautiful Turf Meant for Fun
The benefits continue with zoysia when it comes to hard use. Safe for children, pets, and horses, zoysia is ideal for play areas. Resistant to damage from animal wastes, zoysia's outward expanding growth pattern helps it to heal itself should bare spots appear. Zoysia even resists damage from most insects and plant diseases. It is so tough that it also resists damage from most chemical pest controls that might be needed.

Where to Buy
Zoysia Farms Nursery is the place to get the terrifically earth-friendly zoysia grasses, and offers Amazoy™, the first cultivar released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. This superior zoysia blend is sold as plugs because of the extreme difficulty in establishing a healthy, dense zoysia lawn from seed. Very little zoysia seed successfully germinates, largely because of its extreme light sensitivity. It also needs enormous quantities of water to establish itself. Seeded zoysia tends to produce a coarser turf with uneven growth and no winter hardiness. Amazoy™, however, easily establishes itself, and offers all the benefits of an excellent quality zoysia.

Ordering and Planting
Shipped in 10" x 15" pieces of sod containing 150 plugs, Zoysia Farms Nursery ships the sod partially cut-through to help maintain freshness. Garden shears can be used to finish the separation, allowing removal of each plug before planting.

The plugs should be planted as soon as possible after receipt. If immediate planting is not possible, the plugs should be placed in an area that receives some sun and kept moist. They should not be placed in direct sun. Although the plugs are hardy, they are living plants and must be planted within two weeks of receipt.

Planting instructions are included with each order, but preparing an area for zoysia is quick and easy. For existing lawns, cut the grass as close to the soil as possible. Ensure the soil is workable. There should be enough moisture to be able to insert the plugs into the soil. Zoysia does not need extensive soil preparation; however, a pH range of 6 to 7 is optimal and will ensure the best results. If the pH of the soil is out of this range, correcting the pH is easily achieved. Zoysia Farms Nursery offers a very easy-to-use pH meter that provides an accurate reading of soil acidity.

Once the plugs are planted, avoid further mowing for at least a month. The plugs will quickly take root. Before long, a thick, lovely carpet of zoysia will be ready for your enjoyment.

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Author: Chickie Maxwell
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Article Title: Need Grass? Zoysia Farms Has the Right Solution For a Lovely Lawn

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