Naturally Control Whitefly and Other Insect Pests in the Greenhouse

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A pesticide free insect killer that works by physical contact action and is particularly effective in controlling Whitefly.

Glasshouse whitefly can be a serious problem on a number of crops, especially tomatoes, cucumbers and a number of ornamental plants. Cabbage whitefly can be a serious pest of brassicae crops in the garden.

How to use
Mix thoroughly 100 mls. of concentrate with clean water to make up to 1 litre of spray solution.

Apply with a fine spray ensuring coverage of the target insects. It is particularly important that the undersides of the leaves are treated.

When the insect problem is severe, treat at weekly intervals. In the greenhouse Agralan Whitefly Killer can be used in conjunction with the biological control agent Encarsia formosa.

Do not spray young plants ( those with less than 6 leaves) and never spray under hot, bright conditions or some scorch may occur.

Use Agralan Yellow Sticky Traps to protect plants early in the season

Yellow Sticky Traps

Control a range of insect pests including whitefly, thrips, leaf miners and greenfly in the greenhouse or conservatory

Small flying insect pests are attracted by the unique yellow colour and stick to the non-drying glue coating the trap

Many insect pests, are difficult to control with insecticides. By catching the winged adults with Agralan Yellow Sticky Traps before they reach the plants, the build up of pests will be delayed. Existing insect populations may also be reduced. If the problem is severe biological controls may be used.

When to Use
Best results will be achieved if traps are introduced early in the season, before the pest is established. If adults are already present they should be disturbed by tapping the plants.

How Long Does it Last
The trap will stay sticky and attractive for several months. They should be changed sooner if more than half the surface is covered with insects or dust.

Scarid (mushroom) flies fly close to the ground. To catch them, traps should be located a few inches above the ground.

The traps may be used outdoors but tend to become coated with insects more rapidly. They attract and catch pollen Beetle and by hanging traps at the top of runner bean poles the levels of this pest may be reduced.

The traps may be used as an indicator for when to use biological control predators.

After introduction of predators, suspend the traps well above the crop, or use laid flat on the bench. If used as directed they will trap adult insects not affected by predators.

'Non-flying' insect pests (such as red spider) are not attracted but this pest is not encouraged as the natural predators are unharmed.

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Author: Julie Brandreth

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Article Title: Naturally Control Whitefly and Other Insect Pests in the Greenhouse

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