Modern Garden Design Using Wall Water Fountains

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Is your garden design lacking aesthetic beauty? Ever considered contemporary wall water fountains as a design idea? Garden and landscape design tends to be looked at as a relatively recent form of art in its most modern sense, dating back to the Italian villas of the time of the Renaissance in the 14th century. Designing a great looking garden requires a good working knowledge of several different disciplines; including topography, land usage, horticulture, and architectural elements.

Because most modern garden spaces do not have the space necessary to create much organization, and may take in elements from the city surrounding it, one of the greatest hardscape elements that you can add is contemporary wall water fountains, because outdoor wall fountains allow you to add aesthetic beauty and bold design without taking up too much space. Additionally, you won�t necessarily be competing too strongly with the design in the rest of the garden.

Outdoor wall fountains are available in a multitude of shapes, styles and designs that include stand alone outdoor wall fountains, and fountains that can be attached to a vertical surface and suspended. Most outdoor wall fountains are stand-alone structures that involve cycling water from a catch basin at the bottom of the fountain to the top again creating a sheet of water over a visually appealing surface.

Outdoor wall fountains come in a variety of different materials, some of which are designed with tremendous longevity and others, which may not have the properties to withstand decades of use such as fiberglass. Two important things to consider are if the materials can withstand the weather and secondly, how the material will impact the weight of the fountain and the surface it is attached to. Outdoor wall fountains that are suspended from a vertical surface, for example, require sturdy but lightweight materials which are where imitation metals and stone materials are used.

The primary goal of contemporary wall water fountains in modern garden design is to provide a visual focus on the garden, especially one that has an auditory focus as well. Someone who is sitting in the garden can rest and listen to the sound of water, tuning out the rest of the world in what is essentially their unique and sacred space.

It�s recommended that a few key design elements should be implemented in your garden design in addition to your contemporary wall water fountains. One is a walkway that leads through your contemporary or modern garden, and then some sort of tie in, using bushes, shrubs or trellises that will allow you to coordinate with your outdoor wall fountains. You should also regularly cycle through planting beds, using different bulbs in order to give your modern or contemporary garden a fresh look and a lovely scent.

If you are looking to create a stunning space even when you do not have much room in your contemporary garden, then contemporary wall water fountains are an outstanding addition, especially because there are so many different types of fountains available and you are sure to find the perfect fountain for the space that you have to work with. Choosing the right outdoor wall fountains essentially means beginning by looking for fountains that match up with the elements of the climate in your area. Your outdoor water fountains need to handle sunlight, rain, snow and any other elements. Your modern garden will certainly be improved if you bring in a fountain that coordinates with your garden and does not demand too much space.

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