Metal Shed � Benefits and Disadvantages

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Back in the days when I used to go to my grandparents, I always remember them having a wooden shed. I used to love that shed, I spent many a happy summer afternoon playing near that shed with my granddad close by. The shed was quite old and falling apart and as each year went by, it got worse and worse and now it has been taken away as it had just about had it!

In more modern times, people are thinking about a metal shed as a real alternative to a wooden one. My parents now have a metal shed for their wood that they store for the fire in winter. I remember they used to have a wooden shed a well, but that got sold with the old house and now its no more.

So what are sheds used for? Well back in the day when I used to go to my grandparents, their shed used to be full of gardening equipment and a lot of the tools were pretty old and basic. I remember they even had a lawnmower with no motor! That�s right, this contraption they had had blades like a normal mower, but you really had to use some brute force to get that think to cut grass as the blades only turned when you pushed it! Well that�s what there shed was used for, old gardening tools, and that can be said of a lot of sheds these days as well.

You can say that a wooden shed does look a lot prettier than a metal shed, that can be true. The wooden shed just looks a lot nicer in an old fashioned way compared to a metal one. If you have an older style house then a wooden shed is probably going to look much better in your back yard than a big grey metal one as well.

Metal sheds however do have a number of advantages when compared to a wooden one. The main advantage I can think of is the security aspect of a shed. As the recession hits or cities and towns, people are becoming less and less affluent and some people who are especially less affluent may decide to turn to crime. It is a sad fact, but crime does increase in times of financial hardship. One of the easiest places that can be burgled it the wooden shed. Back in my grandparents� time, it was not necessary to have a completely secure shed as most of the items they had were not very valuable. Now however, the value of the products in a shed is worth a lot more. I know that my father actually has a ride on lawnmower which is worth a few thousand pounds and can also be driven away! So their need for a very secure shed is important and that�s why they have gone for a metal one.

Another advantage of metal over wood is the fact that metal will never be eaten away by termites! I remember my grandfathers shed was quite badly eaten away and this is what was making it worse and worse each year. This is an especially important factor if you are going to be keeping any kind of food stuff in your shed such as fertilizer or plant food � these are just the type of thing that insects love to get their hands on (or mouths on in any case). A metal shed would be more secure to unwelcome visitors.

In terms of ascetics, the wooden shed will always look better, but then again when you look at the benefits of a metal shed, you may wonder if looks are enough!

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Author: Nick Schofield
Paul - owner of Metals4U -

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Article Title: Metal Shed � Benefits and Disadvantages

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