Marine Phytoplankton & the Problem of Nutrient-Depleted Food

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The more we look for the cause of premature aging and disease, the more we come to realize that the basic problem is the impaired functioning of cells that make up every tissue, organ and part of the human body.

It is therefore at the cell level where disease can be prevented and the most effective place for healthy aging to be promoted. At this most fundamental level, what are the basic causes of cellular dysfunction? It is a result of a combination of either nutritional deficiency, toxicity or stress.

While the food industry has progressively altered the food supply with over-processing which takes out much of the essential nutritional value, the wellness industry is seeking to improve it. Nutritional researchers have usually focused on ways to concentrate nutrients and isolate and then extract them from their original source to provide many of our vitamin and mineral supplements. This unfortunately ruins a lot of the co- factors and essential elements, many of which haven't even been discovered yet.

Hence the leading edge research on the role of whole food concentrates and superfoods. Superfoods are special foods that contain an extraordinary amount of naturally occurring nutrition. There is a fine line between 'herbs' and 'superfoods'. Herbs are medicinal plants that are used primarily in the traditional treatment of illness. Superfoods on the other hand, are foods that should be regularly supplemented to the diet to complete the body's need for amino acids, essential fatty acids, trace minerals, vitamins and other vitally-important nutritional compounds.

While many people are learning about whole food concentrates and supernutrition, not all superfoods are created equal. As in everything, but especially in an entirely unregulated area like nutritional supplementation, one needs to know the background of a company, its owners, research team, its commitment to quality over profits and numerous other issues that define the truly superior products.

There is nothing on the planet that provides nutrition better than marine phytoplankton. You may be familiar with blue-green algae, chlorella, and spirulina, but you may not know that there many more varieties as well. In fact there are over 200 species of these amazing organisms.

These microscopic single-celled plant species are the food consumed by whales, which can easily live 100+ years. NASA reports that these amazing organisms are responsible for around 90% of all oxygen. Marine phytoplankton is the beginning of the food chain and as such, is the basic foundation of life and of nutrition.

If used as part of a nutritional program to treat an on-going medical condition, it is necessary to be supervised by a licensed health professional. When used as a wellness and anti-aging strategy, it is still prudent to discuss the use of superfoods with your licensed health professional. Find a holistic and/or nutritionally-oriented health professional to discuss your specific situation.

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Author: Rolf Rasmusson

Learn why this new discovery is vitally important to you- Marine Phytoplankton.

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Article Title: Marine Phytoplankton & the Problem of Nutrient-Depleted Food

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