Little Known Facts About Renewable Solar Energy

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Solar power facts to consider

At the outset, the idea of solar energy carried with it many negatives. It was not well received by society here in the US and was mostly viewed as a fad that was created by "bleeding-heart Liberals and Tree-Huggers" trying to save the environment. more seriously 40 years ago when, renewable, and sustainable energy was being discussed. Based on the state of the current global environment, solar energy is definitely not a fad and is now almost a necessity where our

Here are some facts to consider about solar power:

The solar power watt which is referred to in kilowatts is the standard unit of solar energy measurement, a kilowatt being equivalent to 1,000 watts of power.

o The sun's heat is the source for providing solar thermal power

o Photovolataic (PV) technologies transform the sun's rays into electricity

o Electricity can also be generated by creating the steam power produced by generators which employ solar thermal technologies

o Using solar energy eliminates greenhouse gas emissions

More specifics about Solar Energy facts

o In 1990, an airplane powered by solar energy flew coast to coast in the United States

o Leonardo da Vinci designed plans for constructing a solar power converter during

o satiate global consumption for entire year

o and sufficient indoor and outdoor lighting for both businesses and homes

Components of a solar energy array

Solar power watt factors as well as how much wattage is generated are directly related to the components used in the solar panel array. These components include:

The solar panel is the crucial component to any solar power array - one solar panel is generally not enough to supply a significant solar panel watt . Solar cells are used to generate energy from direct sunlight.

Batteries, electrical wiring, and an inverter - these are the other components vital to complete a solar power array and can help generate sufficient solar power watt levels to power your home or office.

Additional considerations

Three aspects must be in place for solar cells to be used in practical applications and generate sufficient solar power watt levels:

They have to be inter-connected with one another and be interconnected throughout the solar power array.

They must be protected from any moisture which can corrode contacts and other parts of the electrical connection. It seriously impedes the both the lifetime and the performance of the solar power array.

They must also be protected from mechanical damage during the manufacturing process and when they are being shipped to the location where they will eventually installed. Natural phenomenon such as hail, snow weight, and wind are all sources of damage.

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Article Title: Little Known Facts About Renewable Solar Energy

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