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It is possible to learn how to grow grapes in your own backyard or even start your
own vineyard. However before you can start there are some important pieces of information
you need to understand about grapes in order to successfully grow grapes. There
are many different types of grapes and each type is used for different things.
There are specific grapes for grape juice, table grapes and wine making.

The grapes that grow in the wild are not suitable for wine. Wild grapes are a
species of grapes known as Vitis labrusca. Wine grapes are from a species called
Vitis vinifera. However Vitis labrusca grapes are important.

There is a mite, called phylloxera, found throughout the world that live on grape
roots and will kill the vine. However the roots of Vitis labrusca plants are resistant
to this mite and do not have a problem growing. So most Vitis vinifera vines are
grafted onto vitis labrusca rootstock. When purchasing vines as if the vines are
own rooted or grafted.

To grow grapes successfully you need to be aware of the climate. Most vitis
vinifera grapes do not like cold weather and if you experience freezing temperatures
over the winter you would do better with French/American hybrids. (Vitis vinifera
are frequently referred to as French grapes and Vitis labrusca vines as American)
there are steps to take to prevent winter damage, such as covering the graft wound
with mulch, not pruning until the spring and more.

Understanding your soil is important for grape vines. Specific vines will prefer
shallow sandy soils, as their roots like to stay near the surface. Other vines may
bee deep rooted and prefer stony soils. All of this information can be found in a
grape vine or viticulture book. The type of soil is also important for drainage.
To produce quality grapes the vines should not be allowed to grow as much as possible.
Growing grapes is all about finding a balance between vine growth and fruit production.

Ultimately when growing grapes you are working towards achieving a balanced vine.
So the canopy can support the fruit. If you have a small canopy and too much fruit
then your fruit quality is not good and you are damaging the vine. All commercial
vineyards try to have balanced vines, as the vines will last longer and produce
excellent fruit.

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Author: Stan Spencer
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Article Title: Learn How To Grow Grapes

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