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Scarifying is one of the most necessary maintenance duties that needs to be carried out on your lawn. As time goes by organic matter can develop in the lawn adding to what is known as the thatch layer. Thatch is caused by any rotting materials such as grass clipping, leaves, sticks etc. A little amount of thatch is desirable in a lawn (no more than 13mm) as it helps preserve a resilient sward. Even so if the build up turns into to extreme the health from the lawn will suffer. Therefore it is crucial to keep the build up of thatch in check. The best way of controlling the thatch layer is by scarifying, raking and brushing.

Mechanically powered machines are obtainable for that removal of thatch. These powered devices are suitable for those who have a major thatch or moss difficulty as they are able to sink into deep in to the sward and remove large quantities of thatch and moss. They are also perfect when you have a big location to scarify to save time and effort. The benefits of these models are that they are really fast as well as the depth can comfortably be adjusted to suit the circumstances. A spring bok or spring tine rake is suited for smaller gardens or where the thatch difficulty is not too serious. Rakes are perfect for removing moss in the spring time after it has been treated and killed.

Some mowers are actually fitted with a small comb between the front roller and cutting cylinder for this purpose. Brushing the lawn is perfect for getting rid of any debris and standing the grass up before mowing to remove any lateral expansion and annual meadow seed heads (a weed grass). Brushes can either be trailed (with or with out a collector) or handheld. Any durable scarification is most effective performed during early summer (late April - early May) or late summer (late August - early September).

This is because expansion should be strong and recuperation is fast. This operation will more than likely be performed with a powered scarifier. Any average scarifying or raking could be performed whenever during the growing season keeping away from durations of drought or poor expansion. Recovery will be less of an issue as the operation is not as serious deep scarification. Light brushing can be carried out at anytime throughout the developing season as there will be really tiny damage caused by this operation. It can even be done during suited dry durations all through the winter to keep the sward clean of dirt such as leaves, twigs and worm casts.

Scarifying or raking your lawn to remove dead and rotting matter which may choke and impede water and nutrition reaching the soil is an important part of a good spring and autumn lawn maintenance routine. Raking takes away thatch, the build up of deceased and rotting natural matter like leaves and aged grass clippings from around the base in the grass stems. This scarification improves water flow and enables increased amounts of water and air to enter down to the roots as well as reducing the chances of lawn disease occurring. When detaching a lawn you ought to make sure there is no moss growing there as this process will only aid spread the moss around. Grass is a living thing and like all living things it flourishes better when it can breath uncomplicated and get straightforward access to foodstuff and water. Aeration of one's lawn is vital as it allows water, oxygen and fertilizer to sink into more easily through towards the roots and enhances drainage. If your garden is being frequently utilized then the ground will begin to be affected by soil compaction.

Scarifying your lawn gets rid of thatch (or lifeless grass stuff) beneath the healthy grass expansion. Thatch is unhealthy for your lawn because it is the breeding ground for fungus, disease and pest insects. Standard mowing at a reasonably short height (say 25-30mm depending on the lawn varieties) will assist stop thatch build-up. Every few years it may be necessary to de-thatch your lawn with a lawn scarifier (comber).

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