Lawn Mover - Are You Using It Correctly?

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Saturday morning is the time for the lawn mover army to report for duty in most neighborhoods throughout the US. This is the day that the lawns are trimmed and clipped to perfection. For some people, mowing lawns is a lifelong passion, and a labor of love, and for others a necessary chore that has to be done as quickly as possible so that the day can be spent on more interesting pursuits.

For those of us that look forward to spending time with our best friend lawn mover, we see the end result of our manicured lawns and are well satisfied with our efforts. The difference that neat gardens and well maintained lawns make is well documented, often adding many thousands of dollars to the value of a home. Most gardeners will tell you however; that it is the satisfaction of seeing their lush lawns and gardens that is the driving force behind their weekly lawn mowing tasks.

Purchasing a lawn mover for the first time can be confusing, particularly if this is your first experience of them. Some of us were lucky to have earned our pocket money on a Saturday morning mowing lawns so at least we got to know them quite well during these years. The downside is that a good lawn mover is going to set you back a pretty penny, but you get what you pay for, and the upside is that it should last for many years with very little maintenance.

Before you purchase a lawn mover you need to consider several things. If you have a large lawn you may be better suited to a ride-on mover, whereas most suburban lawns will only require a push mover. The type of lawn mover you purchase will also be determined by your budget. Physical fitness will also play a role in determining which type will be best suited to you. For example, a self propelled push lawn mover will be a better purchase for someone who does not have a lot of strength.

Mowing lawns does not have to be difficult; in fact most people want it to be easy. Quick and easy is more to the point, as most of us have such busy lifestyles that there isn't much time left to be spent on keeping our lawns beautiful. Even though we may like spending time on our lawns, most of us also want to relax and enjoy our weekends.

Today's modern lawn mover has come a long way from the noisy, machines of the past. Anyone who was cutting lawns even 20 years ago knows how temperamental they used to be, particularly on starting. Superior blades also have made the world of difference in the type of cut that is now available.

The first lawn mover made its appearance around 150 years ago. This was the simple reel mower which was invented in the late 1820's. This type of mover is still used today by a small number of people who find that it is perfect to maintain their patch of lawn. What they lose in technology they more than make up by being so environmentally friendly.

As outdoor sporting activities such as croquet, lawn bowls, cricket, tennis etc. gained in popularity, the lawn mover underwent massive technological advancements. It didn't take long for this technology to be incorporated into smaller movers for home use. The first rotary-blade lawn mover made its appearance back in the 1930's but today the push lawn mover is the one that is used extensively in our suburban gardens.

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Lawn mover is Glen Crawford's much loved gardening tool. On his site gardeners will find the latest tips on movers selection and lawn care.

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Article Title: Lawn Mover - Are You Using It Correctly?

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