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Especially for high traffic lawns, aeration is required. There is a number of ways to lawn aerate your lawn but before you do, you have to know the compaction of your soil to know which lawn aerating process you need to use. There is a number of lawn aerating methods available but before you do, know why you need to lawn aerate. It is the procedure of putting holes in the ground to aid nutrients, air and water to access the roots from the grass. When water and air is fed on your grass, they will probably be healthy and green.

If the roots of the grass inside your lawn are healthy, they are not only beautiful in the eyes but will similarly elevate the price of the residence.

Lawn Aeration, The word "aeration" means "to supply with air". Soil that has been broken down by having too much organic stuff on its surface or has been crushed down cannot properly feed the grass growing in it. Sort of like a plant that has become root bound, the grass cannot get sufficient nutrients from the ground. In order to repair this issue, we need to loosen up the soil preferably without distressing the grass growing on top.

Soil Compaction is where the soil loses the very small air spaces within it from objects on top from the soil repeatedly traveling over it such as foot traffic. Large winds or rain can also cause soil compaction. So, an already soil compaction difficulty tends to stay a problem with out assistance from our tiny soil caretaker buddies. Signs of soil compaction include quick browning of vegetation in dry climate, foot or tire worn places and poor drainage after a rain. Major soil compaction problems are best remedied by core aeration. To check the level of soil compaction, spray the location in question with a garden hose.

If the water stands and doesn't soak in promptly, the soil is compacted. You should be able to press a small stick such as a wood match into the soil about an inch or so relatively easy. This way I know I'm not over carrying out it, and because leap year is every four many years, it makes it uncomplicated to bear in mind too. I do spike aeration every year except when I core the lawn. Aeration Products, what you need to aerate your lawn varies by the size and condition your lawn is in. In case you have a small yard, you could get by with poking hole in the ground with a garden fork or some other sharp pointed hand/foot device.

If your lawn is bigger or is more compacted, then a more substantial instrument is required. You can either rent or own lawn aeration equipment. Keep in mind that this is at the majority of an yearly chore and aerators are not extremely small, so unless you are a lawn professional, it does not really make sense to own an aerator. If you are using a core aerator, take note that the machine will leave attaches all over the yard. Although it will look odd for a short while, leave the plugs on the yard so they'll release their nutrition back into the soil.

After the grass begins growing it will hide the attaches that are left on the ground. Be sure to reset your mower deck back to its usual setting when you are done so you don't forget.

Lawn aeration can be done as soon as the lawn thaws after winter. Additional factors such as type of soil and grass determine the frequency of aerating lawns. Sandy soil is quite loose and may be aerated once a year. If the lawn has warm-season grasses it should be aerated in spring while cool-season grass lawns should be aerated at the outset of fall. In such locations the lawn should be aerated just before over seeding. This will allow the lawn to soak the water and fertilizers. Despite the fact that aeration has its value, it also has negatives. Some grass roots that spread flat in the topsoil can be cut during aerating and recovering may be challenging. Hydraulic aerators perforate into the ground and bring out some soil. The soil must be moistened before and immediately after aerating. Organic matter and fertilizers must be quickly added to the top soil layer after aerating.

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