Landscaping With Native Wildflowers

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Native wildflowers purchased from a reputable nursery are perfect for homeowners or business owners who wish to provide a gorgeous array of low maintenance and eco-friendly plants. Nothing can beat plants which are native to certain areas of the country, as they are easy keepers, used to the rainfall and climate changes, and being wildflowers, are very hardy and often disease resistant.

A person wishing to install or update a native wildflower garden, or several, should best consult with a landscape designer in order to optimize the display and appeal of the gardens. If it's a small patch in your home that you wish to plant, then you may choose to pick out the plants yourself from a nursery. Looking at plants online and comparing colors, heights, growing requirements etc. is a fantastic way to save money on gas and time and stress, especially if you are under a deadline. The assortment of wildflowers offered at the nursery will provide some inspiration, and careful thought should be put into the arrangement of colors and general look of the gardens.

A small plant with compact daisy-like flowers, and native to Eastern North America, is the bloodroot. Wildflowers of this size are great in the fronts of gardens as they won't prevent viewing of the others plants in the area. Blue Lobelia has blue spikes and this wildflower is a good choice for your mid-height plants. The Red Cardinal flower has red leaves and flowers, and along with the two wildflowers mentioned previously, would make a great red, white and blue Independence Day display. Of course, the array of wildflowers and others available at a professional nursery is vast, so you may find yourself needing to make a planting chart so that you can space out your colors and sizes in the wildflowers. Print out a few of the nursery website pages, cut out the plant photos and paste them on a larger sheet of paper. Shuffle them around first and get the layout that appeals to you, then paste them down so that a breeze will not blow away all of your hard layout work.

The Virginia Bluebell and White Trillium are both wildflowers that are found in the forests of both Canada and the Eastern U.S. These are wonderful "old-world" style wildflowers that can be placed at the base of some trees, as they would be growing in the wild, or lining a rock pathway to a garden gazebo or guest house. Along with the related White Trillium, the three leaved Yellow Trillium can be planted in the same areas, or mixed in with differently colored nursery plants, or placed in a truly wild (and abandoned) looking garden.

Whatever you decide in the way of wildflowers for your garden or gardens or commercial planting areas, looking at the array that is available from a professional nursery online, will be the most efficient way for you to get started. Prices for different nursery plants can also be compared while you are online looking at them. This is a great way to save time, energy and money. All the more for those plants you are going to buy, as soon as you can make a decision!

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Author: Tn nursey is a certified nursery specializing in native plants and trees,shrubs,fern and perennials as well as pond plants and wetland mitigation species.

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Article Title: Landscaping With Native Wildflowers

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