Korean Black Pine Pinus Tree

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The ornamental Korean Black Pine Pinus Tree is very beautiful, and takes a lot of maintenance. Many people choose to plant it because of it's bonzi tree appearance, classic stature, and ability to grow in temperate climates. Though, the tree will do much better if placed into a warmer area. This tree requires at least five hours of direct sun per day which is something the planter must keep in mind before choosing the tree.

Another major consideration is the type of soil the Korean Black Pine Pinus Tree is going to be put in. It is not difficult at all for the tree to develop a bad case of rotting roots if the soil it's placed in is not able to drain well. If the planting area is not known for really good drainage, the planter may want to think about adding gravel or other materials to the planting site in order to keep the water from pooling around the roots. Also, having too much water will affect the growth of the tree. If there isn't healthy and steady growth happening, lack of well draining soil could be the culprit.

With the Korean Black Pine Pinus Tree comes a lot of maintenance. While the tree can grow in a natural state in it's own setting, proper pruning is essential to make it look it's most beautiful. Not only is twice yearly pruning a must for keeping the tree looking wonderful, it also helps the growth of the tree. Fall is the season for the first cutting. All of the older needles of the tree need to be removed. This is along with taking off all of the overgrowth from the current year. The other time of year that pruning is necessary is in Spring. This is also the time of year that any type of heavy major pruning should really be done. When the tree begins it's new growth cycle, up standing shoots form from the branches. If these off shoots become too long, they need to be taken off in order to maintain the classic bonzi look to the tree. Smaller shoots are able to begin their training.

It really does take a lot of commitment to care for the Korean Black Pine Pinus Tree, but the rewards of having one are great. Even though the pruning may be done, the careful gardener taking care of the tree must also watch for needle cast. This is a type of fungus which can grow on moist needles if they get too cold during the evenings. This is another reason why it is really recommended to plant this species in a very warm climate. If the tree is getting dry, direct the water to the bottom of the trunk away from the needles. This will help to keep away the fungus by keeping the needles drier. With a bit of luck and a lot of effort, a Korean Black Pine Pinus Tree can be a attractive addition to any landscape.

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Author: Tammy Sons

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Article Title: Korean Black Pine Pinus Tree

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