Innovative Recycled Garden Tools

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Having your very own home garden does not only translate to sweating under the intense heat of the sun toiling, weeding and growing flowers and plants but would also mean spending your hard earned cash on home garden tools that may not at all come that cheap. But then again, there is a way around these costs. There always is, if you are imaginative and innovative enough. You may not even have to look and search that far. Your kitchen or perhaps your waste basket may hold the very solution to your garden tools expense predicament. No need to mop and think long and hard on how. Here are a few creative tips.

Yogurt containers usually go straight to the trash as soon as we scoop out that last spoon of yummy yogurt. But hold up, there might be more to these plastic tubs than meets the eye. These yogurt containers can be great sanctuaries for your seedlings protecting them from those nosy good for nothing night-crawling cutworms. Working as a shield, sink these tubs into your soil enclosing the seedlings in. You can strip off the yogurt shield as soon as the seeds are able to grow sturdy stems.

These small plastic pots can also be used as cute flower pots. Just make sure to punch in a few holes in them to allow the soil to breathe and also to release excess water. Moreover, if you are looking for something to help you scoop up your soil or fertilizers, these yogurt containers may be your best bet.

If the yogurt container can make do as a small scoop, the plastic milk jug may be employed as its bigger version. This jug has a lot of flexible uses for your home garden. Mixing and sprinkling liquid fertilizer to your home grown plants is easy and trouble-free with the use of a milk jug. Simply put the fertilizer ingredients in, shake to blend, poke some holes on the top and you are set to shower your plants with nutrients. If frosty and chilly seasons have caused you to lose your baby seedlings and underdeveloped plants, the plastic milk jug may pose to be a solution to your problem. By covering your plants with the jug (make sure to remove the bottom of course) heat is stored and retained for the plants. What is more, you have the option to adjust the warmth of your plastic mini conservatory by opening or closing the cap.

If you think your egg cartons can offer no help in your home garden, think again! These containers are known to be perfect for growing seedlings. Using the Styrofoam ones are more preferred and it is important that you wash and clean them well before use so that you can prevent any bacterial contamination. Punch a hole on the base of each cell to allow for drainage.

It is essential that your home garden plants get at least an inch of water in a week. While figuring the volume of water your plants get may seem like a difficult endeavor, it is actually not. You may use those straight-sided tuna cans in collecting or measuring if your home garden is getting enough rain or sprinkler water.

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