Importance of Organic Fertilizers

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Organic fertilizers are different from synthetic fertilizers which are generally used in agriculture. Synthetic fertilizer only helps you increasing your production. O the other hand, organic fertilizer not only feeds your plant but also builds a healthy soil for your plant. Organic fertilizer makes soil loose and airy which is essential to hold moisture and nutrients in the soil. It is also essential for faster growth of soil organism as well as earthworms. Building healthy soil is the key of success in Gardening.

Organic fertilizers are made from animal and plant source. These materials need to be broken down by micro bacteria so that the nutrients of these elements release in the soil. This process takes more time. For this reason organic fertilizer works slowly but it provides long term nutrition in the soil.

On the other hand, synthetic fertilizers will be good, if you want fast growth of plant. Synthetic fertilizer work fast and help plant to grow fast. Actually it increases the top portion of the plant but it cannot increase the root of the plant like top portion. For this reason these plants become weak. Moreover it destroys the earthworms and soil organisms which are essential for healthy soil. Excess use of synthetic fertilizer burn roots or create toxic concentration of salts.

Synthetic fertilizer does not improve soil structure. It is composed of mineral salts which are responsible of killing soil organisms. As a result no decomposition and soil formation can be occurred. Using chemical fertilizers is responsible for losing organic matter and microbiotic activity in the soil. It breaks down soil structure and makes soil lifeless and compact. As a result soil cannot hold moisture and nutrients.

So it is clear that organic fertilizer works slowly but it provides long term nutrition. On the other hand, chemical fertilizer works fast but creates a bad effect in the soil for long term.

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Author: Stephen Godfrey
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Article Title: Importance of Organic Fertilizers

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