How to Water Different Orchid Types

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Orchids come from all over the world and from very different environments. There consumption of water not only differs from one orchid to another but also from one season to another. Below I will give a general watering guide for the most popular orchid types.

Brassia orchid types require watering all year; however water less often during the winter. Foliage requires spraying, but do not get buds or flowers wet.

Water Cattleya orchids well in the summer, but scarcely in the winter time. Spray foliage in the summer.

The orchid type Coelogyne needs water on a regular basis from spring through summer and start reducing fall into winter.

Cymbidium orchid types require water all year. In the winter allow the plant to dry out between watering. Mist foliage in the summer.

Water Dendrobium orchids gradually as new growth appears. Water sparingly until flower buds are well defined. Water well as growth speeds up. In the winter keep Dendrobiums dry.

Liberally water Encyclia orchid types when actively growing. Spray over head except when flowering. In the winter, just water enough to keep the pseudo bulbs from drying out.

Freely water the Epidendrum orchid during active growth and water less in the winter to avoid rot.

During the summer water Laelia orchid types well and allow them to almost completely dry out in the winter when resting.

Water the orchid type Lycaste freely during summer and maintain humidity. Start backing off water when foliage turns yellow. In winter only water if pseudo bulbs start shriving and becoming dehydrated.

Masdevallia orchids require water throughout the year. Water carefully and do not allow roots to dry out. Keeping the plant too wet though can cause rotting.

Water Maxillaria orchids freely during the summer and then less in the winter. Do not allow plant to completely dry out.

Miltonioosis orchid types can be watered throughout the year.

Water Odontoglossum orchid types all year, but less in the winter.

Ocidium orchids can be watered throughout the year; however natural species need to be kept dry in winter when the growth stops.

The Paphiopedilum orchid requires a light mist if any moisture is needed. Avoid letting water run into center of the growth where it can cause rotting.

Water Phalaenopsis orchid types all year, but avoid over watering. Do not allow water to run into the center of the plant to avoid rotting.

Keep the roots of Phragmipedium orchids evenly moist by watering year round.

Only water Pleione orchids during growth.

Water the Stanhopea orchid while in active growth. Mist during summer, but not when flowering.

Freely water Vanda orchid types during the summer to encourage aerial roots and mist foliage regularly.

Zygopetalum orchids need more water in the summer and less in the winter. Do not spray foliage and only water through the roots.

These are general guidelines for the different orchid types. Specific species or hybrids inside of each type or orchid may need to be adjusted for best results.

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Author: Ellen Reader
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Article Title: How to Water Different Orchid Types

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