How to Store Home Made Juice

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A few words of advice on storing your juice. If you use a centrifugal juicer, you can't really store the juice, you must drink it straight away. This is because the juice is very aerated by the process and oxidizes straight away. A slight negative for the centrifugal machine but that's the way it is! Your body needs the anti oxidant quality of juice for health, oxygen going into the juice at the manufacturing stage weakens the juice's protective power! In short it oxidizes the anti-oxidants! No good if you are juicing for maximum health benefits. So if you juice with a centrifugal juicer, drink the juice you make straight away.

The good news is if you own an auger or twin gear juicer your juice is "cold pressed" giving you a nutrient rich juice that you can indeed store! And here is the best way to do it.

Now what we do is make our juice in one session in the morning and enjoy it until the day is done. We store the juice in the fridge in bottles with the air tight levered top ensuring an air tight seal, keeping the juice as fresh as possible.

Do please remember this though; as soon as you make your juice it is rather like a battery! full of power straight from the off but it will start to wilt a little before long. The reason for this is that most nutrients are fairly fragile, time, heat, air and processing destroys them, also the enzymes in the juice will actually start to "digest" the nutrients of the juice itself! That is how active or "live" fresh juices are!

We reckon that the best way to enjoy juice is by storing it for no longer than 10 hours in the fridge in an airtight container. Don't leave it overnight, it's too long. For the best results or for health restoring power juice then drink, juice then drink! The auger juicers are easy to clean, so this isn't as hard going as it seems! And think of the health benefits of drinking fresh cold pressed vegetable and fruit juices steadily through the day.

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Author: Roberto Garabell
Mark makes a lot of fresh juicer and blender drinks and tries to be as healthy as he can be. For more ideas on juicer recipes and healthy foods have a look at our information archive. Visit How to Store Home Made Juice.

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