How to Start Home Lawn Landscaping

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Building your own lawn is not really difficult especially when you are able to identify the right tools and the spot where you want to place your lawn. Also, you should plan what type of garden you want to raise in your backyard.

Landscaping will give you a sense of pride especially if you have made it beautifully. The appreciation and praises can give that positive feeling for doing something that passes the standards of your family or friends.

What are the positive sides of having a home lawn landscape?

First, you are able to design your lawn based on your personal identity. It has your personal touch so the landscape reflects your personality. Also, you take control of your time because you are able to spend so much time or maybe a little time in the garden. You work by your own pace and you enjoy the fresh air which contributes to your cardiovascular workout.

Second, you manage the tools and plants you want to purchase. Same goes for the colors and total look and feel of the lawn. You don�t have to have so much equipment but you should know the important tools that you need.

Where are you going to start with Home Lawn Landscaping?

If this is your first time to be in this kind of hobby, you have to have knowledge of mowing, trimming and pruning which are the most basic skills. You have to invest time in training yourself as well or at least knowing the gardening basics and techniques.

You have to be disciplined in maintaining your garden because this requires your full attention. Note that you also have to be physically fit and is able to handle the rigors of this job because there are times that you have to lift some equipment or move some plants for hours. There could be dangerous chemicals also needed in your landscaping so you really have to be savvy in managing your garden.

What are the basic equipment you will need?

Whether you are just starting or a pro in landscaping you should have at least an idea of the things you need to have at home in maintaining your garden.

You can start with a riding mower but make sure to maintain it daily so that it will last longer. If you will be upgrading the equipment, then you should have a commercial grade lawn mower.
You should also have a trimmer. One of the best is a gas powered edger or trimmer.

Of course, you should not forget the rake. You should have both metal and plastics type because care requirements vary.

You should also have a heavy duty broom. Note that you need to have a long and skinny brush head - one just like a janitor broom or a house broom.

Leaf blower is also needed and it�s best to invest on a gas powered one. It is easier to use in blowing grass away from unwanted areas right after mowing especially during fall or spring.

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Author: John Carlstrom
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