How to Put Landscaping Rocks Around Your House

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Rocks and boulders add character to your landscape and bring accent to your design. They can also place layers or levels for your landscape to make an elevated area. In adding rocks, you have to place them in such a way that they will look natural.

Putting rocks can also increase the value of your landscape by making your yard maintenance-free instead of grass. Most of the time, rocks are more pleasing than grass lawn. There are individuals and companies who can do this work for you but if you want to place it yourself, there are a lot of things you can experiment on. Below are tips on how to place rocks in your landscape.

What are the steps in placing rocks in your landscape?

First, you have to kill the weeds and grass at the spot you want to put the rocks. You can use a weed or grass killer and it will help in preventing weeds and grass from sprouting in the future. If you have Bermuda grass, expect that it is harder to kill.

Second, you have to dig up the earth and try to get down to the roots of the grass. You should try to get as many roots and weeds as possible. You can use a shovel or a hoe in digging. Also, it is helpful to water the ground.

Third, you have to have a plan where to put the plants, shrubs and bushes. You can also mark the spots where you want to put your items. Dig a well for watering your plants so that the water can be a supply to the roots.

Fourth, you should place plastic sheeting so that it will prevent the weeds and grass from crawling over your rock lawn. The sheeting are available in your local gardening stores.

Fifth, Place your plants and make cuts at the sheeting. You can also place the bushes and shrubs on the spot you marked. Make sure that you dig using the appropriate depth for the roots.

Sixth, place the rocks on the plastic sheeting. You can also make levels or layers of rocks. Also, evenly disperse the rocks as the base.

In building rock gardens, note that you have to consider the space you are going to allot for the landscape. It could be small or large depending on the spot you chose. In larger spaces, you should be able to create a sprawling garden. But still, you should consider the space you allotted for the rocks before buying the materials.

Also, you should design the color that you are going to put on the rocks. It could be a collection of attractive colors such as red, sandstone and a lot more. The color will also impact the kind and color of plants you want to match with your rocks. Colors also contribute to total beauty of your garden.

With rocks, you will never go wrong with maintenance, beauty and design. You just have to be creative in making a rock lawn.

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Author: John Carlstrom
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