How to Protect Both Your Lawnmower and Your Lawn

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For homeowners who take the effort to take care of their lawns, you might have noticed how the grass on your lawn tends to lose its vibrant green colour during the summer season; and often, the lack of nitrogen is the strongest cause among several other possibilities. The lack of nitrogen can be from the kind of fertilizer you are using; a quick release fertilizer may have that result and not be such a good product to use when you are concerned with grass care. When fertilizing your lawn or garden, it might be a good idea to work with a slow release nitrogen fertilizer instead; applying it during the earliest few days of the growing season and watering the area properly. This assures you that you are keeping your lawn and your backyard very healthy. Make sure though, that there are no chances of sudden rains before you apply the fertilizer since excessive rain will wash away the fertilizers you spent a lot of time putting on the grass, otherwise your fertilizers will be washed away without having any effect on your lawn.

For those who use a Lawn mower, always adhere to the one third rule in lawn mowing, most especially during the hot summer months. The one third rule is about you not cutting more than a third from the grass blades because leaving it just a little bit longer is helpful in providing the crown of the grass, as well as the soil, with much needed shade - this way, you can avoid having your grass burned. It will also help to make sure that the blades of your push lawnmower, or your petrol lawnmower, are sharp enough to cut through the grass correctly; otherwise, you would need to go back and forth on the areas you already mowed and tear the blade from its crowns instead of cutting it efficiently; which, if you ask professional gardeners and enthusiasts, is not very efficient lawn care. Because of this you need to make sure that your lawnmower is kept in your garage or shed, or anywhere it will not be soaked by rain and cause the blades to rust.

It is always better to maintain a carpet like grass, where your children can enjoy playing around in. In case you encounter an infestation of insects in your garden or your lawn, there are several highly useful chemicals available in stores and online gardening stores that you can purchase and use. But do not just buy the first product that you see online or in the stores, take your time to read product reviews and consult with a skilled gardener and ask for recommendations, making the wrong choices may cause your garden or lawn more trouble than good, choose carefully and soon enough, you will have a healthy, vibrant and very beautiful lawn.

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Author: Garth Edwards
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Article Title: How to Protect Both Your Lawnmower and Your Lawn

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