How to Make Your Wooden Garden Shed Blend in to the Landscape

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So, you've found the perfect garden shed plans, and you've built a storage shed to hold your lawnmower, rakes, shovels, and other gardening tools. There is only one problem... it sticks out like a sore thumb, and it detracts from the landscaping. Instead of just letting the garden shed draw attention to itself, there are several things that you can do to help it to blend in to the landscape.

First of all, you can paint your garden shed. If you have a wooden garden shed, it will be easy to paint. Take a look at the lawn and garden around the shed. Look at the flowers and the foliage. What are the predominant colors? If you have a lot of blue and purple flowers in your garden, you can choose a nice shade of blue to paint the shed. A nice green color may help the shed to blend in with the lawn and the leaves of any plants or shrubs in your garden. You probably won't want to choose a color that exactly matches the surrounding lawn or garden, but something that will complement the garden, and help the shed to look like part of the garden. If you want, you can choose a contrasting color for the trim to help it to stand out. Take a couple of scrap pieces of lumber, and paint them in the colors that you are considering for the shed. Prop them up next to the shed, and take note of how the colors work in your garden. If they work, then use those colors for your shed. If they don't, then experiment, and find a color or combination of colors that work.

The outside walls of the shed are probably pretty bare. If you go to your local home and garden store, take a look at the garden art that they have. Many times you'll find wall art, meant to be hung on the outside wall of the house, or on a fence. If you have a theme in your garden, chances are you'll find something to hang on the walls of your garden shed that will complement the other art in your garden. You can also browse local garage sales, flea markets, and antique stores for old gardening tools and equipment. Hung on the walls, or just propped up against an outer wall of your garden shed, these pieces can add their own unique charm. Anything hung on the walls or propped up agains the outside of the shed can go a long way in breaking up the lines of a bare wall, and adding interest to your garden.

If you don't have any flowers or shrubs around your wooden garden shed, you should consider planting them. You can plant flowers and shrubs around the edges of the shed to add a touch of color. A trellis attached to the side of the shed would be ideal for growing ivy, honeysuckle, clematis, or other climbing plants. If your garden shed has exposed eaves, you could hang planters or flower baskets, or you could attach planters to the outside of the shed. Just take note of how much sun each side of the shed receives each day, and plant accordingly. Even just a few containers of colorful plants sitting next to the garden shed can make a huge difference.

Okay, so you've painted the shed, you've planted flowers and shrubs in appropriate locations, and you've placed a few pieces of garden art on the walls. Now the shed looks like it is a part of the garden, and not just a storage shed. Now the shed is a part of the decor. Just use your imagination, and your shed can become a focal point of the garden, rather than an eyesore.

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Author: Tim Sousa
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Article Title: How to Make Your Wooden Garden Shed Blend in to the Landscape

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