How to Make Healthy and Tasty Food for Your Children

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Having children eat a healthy meal has been the greatest cause of anxiety for every parent across the globe. There is no exception in this particular aspect across cultures and geographical areas. Children hate vegetables and all that is "good" for them. If you are among those parents who don't want to give in to junk food, why not consider the following few tips and have your children eat everything you serve them.

This is not magic - just a few tricks that every parent should know about:

1. Have the vegetables saut�ed in chicken stock or add a cube of chicken flavor to them just before serving. The kids will be wondering why the veggies taste so great.
2. Have the vegetables grilled along with meat chunks (and without if you are vegetarian) over a charcoal fire. The smoke from the charcoal adds a great flavor to the veggies and the meat tastes even better along with it.
3. Roast your vegetables (cauliflower, beans, carrots - all the hard ones) with a little olive oil and your choice of seasoning - Yum!
4. Bake the veggies in white sauce and add a good measure of low fat butter/ cheese to it.
5. Add small cubes of meat to the veggies - not only it adds a great flavor and motivation for the children to eat, it also enhances the nutritional value of the dish.
6. Mince the veggies and prepare them the same way you would prepare the meat for hamburger; add chicken flavor to the mix before frying them as patties. Your kids would never guess they are eating only veggies.
7. Boil and blend all vegetables in a mixer and serve to the children in the form of a thick soup topped with grated cheese and low fat butter (add seasoning of your choice).
8. Lean meats, eggs and peanut butter are good sources of protein for children of the appropriate age.
9. Provide healthy snacks for the kids such as fruits, carrot sticks, and non fat yogurt
10.Limit sugary drinks and cereals.

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Article Title: How to Make Healthy and Tasty Food for Your Children

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