How to Keep Your Family Safe from Wasps Naturally

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During the spring and summer months, you probably spend most of your
time outdoors enjoying the environment. But too often, you are
interrupted by swarming wasps that insist on ruining your fun. So this enjoyable time of year also becomes the time when you struggle to find solutions to the problem of wasps.

Wasps are generally known for being aggressive and for having painful
stings. In people with allergic reactions, wasp stings can even be

At least three types of wasps have been identified: yellow jacket, bald faced wasp, and paper wasp. All of them can sting and all can build their nests at either tree-level or ground-level in almost any environment. Their only consideration is whether another wasp colony is in the vicinity.

Finding effective ways to deter wasps from around your home is a source of frustration for many people. You don't like to use pesticides because you know they can be dangerous to humans and animals. Ideally, you want a natural wasp repellent that is effective as well as safe for your family and for the environment.

Fortunately, there are ways to naturally eliminate or deter wasps and keep your family safe. Some of the most popular methods include: wasp traps (homemade or store-bought), Wormwood plants, mixtures of dishwashing soap and water, and dryer sheets.

An all-natural wasp repellent that you can use on your own body can be made by mixing witch hazel, glycerin, and essential oils. You can apply this natural wasp repellent to your face, body, and clothes, and it is safe for your skin.

No matter which solution you choose to deter wasps, using all-natural methods will give you the reassurance that you and your family are safe. Homemade, chemical-free solutions are always better than those that come packaged by pest control companies.

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Author: Steve Baker
Steve is the owner of Wasps Gone, the leading Wasp information site. Help is available upon request at admin(at)

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Article Title: How to Keep Your Family Safe from Wasps Naturally

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