How to Fix Injured Barks Effectively

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Here is something most people don�t think about when admiring one of nature�s most perfect creations; the tree. When you see a tree an important thing to realize is that the bark of that tree is very important and should be looked at as sort of the �skin� of the tree; one that is vital to the healthiness of the tree and something that one should never ignore if you are trying to grow your own trees.

The bark truly is the first line of defense of our trees. Immediate remedy is needed the moment barks get damaged. But don�t worry, fixing injured bark only take 3 easy steps.

First, when we see a torn or dislodged bark we need to put it back into place pronto. We fix the bark to place with a duct or strapping tape wrapped around the trunk or stem to attach the bark back firmly�some sort of �grafting� it back. Fixing injured barks with these sorts of tape is effective because they are moist resistant. We may also use strong nylon ropes or wires.

Then second, monitor the healing of the bark. Note the date the repair on the bark was done and observe the progress of the healing in 3 months. A good procedure of fixing injured barks should make them heal well within the period. If not, the bark probably was not attached to the trunk tightly enough, so we reinforce the tapes and then monitor again another 3 months. Record the date of the tape reinforcement.

Third, when the bark finally gets healed (or firmly attached back to the main trunk or branch) be sure to takeoff the tapes, nylon ropes, or wire. Fixing inured barks should start and end properly. If we forget to untie the supports on the bark they could hinder the natural growth of that part of the tree, if not the whole tree itself. So make sure to take off all tapes or ropes or wires right after the bark has healed.

Now, in case the bark torn off the tree gets lost, here�s what we should do.

First, cut the edges of the damaged area and straighten every edge out with a sharp knife or cutter. Having the affected portion neatly cut promotes its healing and the sealing of the wound and is as good as fixing injured barks.

Second, cut and form an eye socket in the wound. Its middle portion should be broader and narrowed at its ends. This way of fixing injured barks will keep insects from hiding and inhabiting the wounded part of the tree. After the damage gets healed the sealed eye socket keeps any insect from going underneath any corner.

Aside from the above procedures in fixing injured barks, we need to remember several other tips: Don�t use synthetic sealing products on tree wounds. Natural things heal through natural ways. And attend to damaged barks as soon as possible. The sooner it is fixed the faster the healing.

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Article Title: How to Fix Injured Barks Effectively

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