How to Create a Harmonious Garden

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Creating a garden on your patio or in your backyard brings beauty to a home that landscaping alone cannot obtain. A well-cared for garden will give back for years to come by providing beauty and a peaceful place to relax.

The first thing to evaluate when creating a garden is deciding how much space you can dedicate to it. Once you�ve found a good space that has both light and shade and isn�t in a place that could be easily ruined by children or pets, you are set to plant.

Next, you need to evaluate what plants will thrive and what garden ornaments will complement the space the best. Treat your garden like an extended room off your home. Choose themes, colors, patio fountains, and other accessories that will complement one another as a whole.

Flowers and plants will need the most research to see which ones require more attention and which will thrive in the environment that you are creating. Perennials such as violets and irises do well in the shade and annual flowers such as impatiens and begonias do well in partial shade. Flowers that thrive in full sunlight could include poppies, daisies or morning glories.

If you are deciding on whether to invest in large water features, consider the wide variety of options available to you. Water features can be indoor, outdoor, concrete, bamboo, marble, rotating, luxury, soothing or decorative and even solar-powered. Water features are used all over the world for aesthetic purposes in homes, gardens, parks and city courtyards, for entertainment like fountain shows, and for relaxation in spas.

Solar-powered water features have become more popular as more people decide to �go green� around the house. These water features have a low voltage water pump connected to a solar panel placed in the complete sunlight which allows them to charge. They are maintenance free and are more versatile because they can be placed anywhere as opposed to being near an electrical source.

Large water features also range in styles from all over the globe such as Asian, Indian, European African, and South American as well as contemporary and traditional and can match any d�cor.

Patio fountains are affordable water features that can dress up any home yard, or business as well as provide a relaxing and aesthetic mood to the space. Fountains are made of materials such as stone, fiber glass, wood, copper, porcelain, ceramic and concrete.

Other options that spice up landscaping and gardens and give a regal feel are garden statues. Statues have been used in gardens since the era of the ancient Egyptians, Grecians and Romans. Temples and the gardens within them were adorned with statues of the gods. Since then, statues can be found in virtually any form, to adorn every space imaginable.

The materials used to make statues are very versatile including, concrete, iron, steel, copper, bronze, lead, terracotta, ceramic and glass. Some popular themes include cherubs, animals, and mythical characters. Choosing one theme, instead of mixing many different statues together will help to create a more consistent and harmonious feel.

So get out there and start shopping! Soon you will be creating a garden that is unique, beautiful, and well worth the investment.

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Sarah Martin is a freelance marketing writer based out of San Diego, CA. She specializes in gardening, landscaping, and collecting garden statues and large water features. For a wide variety of patio fountains, please visit

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Article Title: How to Create a Harmonious Garden

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