How to Choose the Right Nutrient for your Hydroponic Water

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Nutrients is vital aspect when growing plants hydroponically. Finding the right nutrients for your hydroponic water is not a simple task, and there are so many choices and so many different formulations. Finding the right nutrient solution may seem confusing, but there are certain ways to minimize your selection and ultimately buy the one that suits your plant's needs. When growing plants hydroponically it is mandatory to buy nutrients for your plants. There are hundreds of nutrient solutions and there are a number of ways in which they are formulated.

Some growers make the mistake of thinking more nutrient parts equal more yield, but this is often not the case. Actually, more nutrient parts equal more control, and more complex nutrient solutions will give added control over plants. There are several nutrient solutions to choose from. Single part nutrients are easy to use, which are ideal for novice growers. These nutrients are often perceived as being "for beginners only," but many commercial growers prefer the simplicity of single part nutrient formulations when mixing in large quantities.

Some ingredients are restricted in one-part nutrient formulations, because everything is contained within one bottle. In these formulations there are certain nutrient salts that will react with each other if stored together and would render the nutrient unusable. So many effective ingredients must be left out or replaced in one-part solutions.
The most popular nutrient is the two-part solution. Two part nutrients consist of an A and B component for the growth and bloom formulations. Splitting the formulation into two parts, allows for the adding of extra ingredients that would otherwise be unstable in a one-part solution. The two part solutions will almost always out perform the one part solution if used correctly. One-part solutions are easier to use than two part solutions, so it's highly possible to make a mistake. You can add more of the same mixture of nutrients, but you cannot control the individual strength of each major element within the solution to suit your plants.

Three part nutrients offer growers the most control over what they are feeding their plants. The solutions consist of three separate Grow, Bloom, and Micro formulations, and the grower must decide how much of each they will use to create their final solution at their plant's stages of growth. This allows the grower to change the overall NPK ratios of their nutrient as their plants grow, and to respond to the signals given by plants. There are recommended formulas for mixing the three parts, and the flexibility can allow superior overall performance.

It's easy to make a mistake when using the three-part solution, and it's easy to misread the signals your plants are giving you. Three part nutrient solutions are not best for the novice grower, but if your willing to take the time to learn about three part systems, then it will give you total control over your plants' feeding schedule.

When choosing the right nutrient for your hydroponics water, you must understand nutrient solution management. Complete nutritional control requires a basic understanding of your plants nutritional needs. The plants should be supplied with the 16 essential mineral elements that all plants require.

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Article Title: How to Choose the Right Nutrient for your Hydroponic Water

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