How to Care For Cacti and Succulents

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Many people love the unique look of cacti and succulents. These cute, lumpy plants are seen on people's desks and in their homes. For those that live in warm and dry climates, they can actually plant cacti and succulents outdoors with other annual plants. However, for many of us the cacti and succulent plants are container and indoor plants to enjoy.

Cacti and succulents are beautiful plants and one of their gifts is that they can be quite easy to grow. There are several basic factors to keep in mind. Once you know these factors about cacti and succulents, you are ready to grow cacti and succulents with confidence. This is quite unlike many other plants such as the delicate orchid or African violets. Some plants are so fragile; you literally need to memorize a manual of material before trying to care for them. Cacti and succulents are quite practical and can be grown by anyone, including young children.

Caring for these plants properly is important. Fortunately, both the cacti and succulents and quite sturdy, so they will put up with a certain amount of neglect without your losing the plant. They do need water, but not as much as many other types of plants. It is important not to over water your cacti and succulents. When you over water your cacti and succulent, you make them vulnerable to plant rot. Let your plants dry completely between watering. This is counterproductive of other plant watering instructions; most plants need to be watered continuously. This is not so for the cacti and the succulents. Let them dry completely before watering them once more.

Cacti and succulents also do very well when you turn their pots in the sun on a regular basis. It always seems as if one side of the pot gets more light than another. It is best if you can try to turn the plant pots on a regular basis to make sure they get enough sunlight on all sides. Try doing this on a daily basis so it is less noticeable and the plant is most comfortable.

One of the critical aspects to growing cacti and succulents is good light. They desperately need sunlight more than anything else. Do not get more cacti and succulents than you have window place or space in your home that gets strong sunlight. You'll lose the plants and this will be a great disappointment. Look in your home for the warmest spots. A great tip is to think about places where your cat suns themselves, or perhaps where your dog likes to rest in the sun. These are likely to be very warm and sunny spots that hold the light and the heat well.

The soil for cacti and succulents needs to be lightened to help provide good drainage. You can lighten the soil by using either Perlite, sand or any other soil amendment you can find at your local plant store.

Cacti and succulents and wonderful plants to grow indoors. They look beautiful and unique in any home. These plants can make a beautiful window garden as you fill the area next to your window with tiny cacti and succulents. Larger cacti or succulents are most comfortable in pots on the floor in other locations where they can be sure to get enough sun. Your experience growing cacti and succulents will largely be determined by the sunlight in your home and the sunny and dry climate in your area if you are growing them outdoors.

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Article Title: How to Care For Cacti and Succulents

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