How to Build a Homemade Greenhouse Kit

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Are you thinking about having a greenhouse and want to build it yourself? Many people are getting into greenhouse gardening these days. It is cheaper to construct a greenhouse yourself than to have one built for you. If you are a do-it-yourself person it is not that difficult. You can get plans and even kits for them. We will cover what you need to generally do to build a greenhouse below.

Figure out what size of greenhouse your space will be good for. Buy your plans or kit accordingly.

Make sure you have all the tools and supplies that you need to construct your greenhouse. Whether you are using metal or wood in your construction process make sure all the pieces are cut to the right size.

Now you start with the foundation of the structure. After the ground has been leveled lay out your foundation pieces. Attach these to each other at all four corners. This is the same process no matter what material you are making your greenhouse from. Make sure the foundation is square from measuring for corner to corner diagonally. If you are planning a poured-concrete floor this is the time to do it. Any other type floor is easier installed at this time too before the sides and doors are in that may make it difficult to transport the materials inside.

Now you need to build the sides. Most of the time constructing the sides are easier constructed flat on the ground and then raised into place.

This may vary between plans though. Some plans have open sides and some have glass panels. The finishing is different on each of these which we will cover later.

After all the sides are constructed and connected properly. It is time for the roof to be installed. You can do the roof the same as the sides in some instances and this raise it into the correct position on each side. However, your plans may call for it to be constructed in place for the get go.

Now it is time to put any doors in that are called for.

Make sure they fit properly too. Now if any sealants are called for to make sure things are well sealed and insulated this is when you do that process. Check the plans you have.

If your plans are just for an open-sided greenhouse with an open roof structure these are then cover with plastic sheeting. These types of greenhouses are very economical to build. You will have to attach the plastic sheeting to the structure as planned.

Now you can set up your tables or hydroponics up.

After this you are ready to start moving in the plants and other supplies. This will be the exciting part of building your own greenhouse along with watching your plants thrive. Your growing season will be longer and you will be able to control the environment of you plants better.

So check out if your backyard is good for a greenhouse today. You can save a chunk of change, by building one yourself, but you can call the professionals in if need be to construct one for you. Enjoy your greenhouse experience.

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Author: Whitey Segura
Whitney is an expert gardener and employee of a company that sells greenhouses and greenhouse accessories, as well as a full line of hydroponics and compost gardening equipment.

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Article Title: How to Build a Homemade Greenhouse Kit

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