How To Make An Environmental Impact With Little Effort

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The hot topic in America today is the environment. Between green house gases, garbage, melting polar ice caps and other stories that match those of biblical proportions, it leaves one to believe what they can exactly do to help out.

A penny doesn`t sound like a lot of money, and by itself it really isn`t. What can you get today for a penny? Pretty much nothing, yet they are a part of our economy. In fact I can walk through any Target or Walmart parking lot and probably find enough pennies to exchange it for a shiny dime, even a quarter.

True I won`t be retiring on what I find in one of those parking lots but I wanted to talk about the penny to paint a picture for you of what one small item can mean when used properly.

Using my analogy above of walking through the parking lot of my local store, I more realistically will find anywhere from five to eight pennies. I will round down and say five to make math in this example easier. Now lets say I did that once a week for an entire year or in this case a total of fifty-two weeks. By the end of year one I would have a whopping $2.60. This is still not enough to retire on, however I can go get a milkshake or something.

As you can see one person collecting a nickel a week for an entire year won`t solve any financial issues at home. What if we had a dozen people doing the same thing, the total would be $31.20. How about two dozen, three, how about 100,000 people doing it? Are you starting to get the picture? Fact is in this scenario one person won`t make a big dent into anything, but a large number of people will.

Same holds true for helping the environment. You by yourself won`t stop the polar ice caps from melting, but everybody working together will. Now I am not an environmental expert so I can`t sit here and say for a fact that what I am about to tell you will have any affect on the ozone layer, polar ice caps or the Jet Stream, but I can tell you that your energy costs will go down, and reduce the amount of energy output. Just like our example above, you by yourself doing this won`t a have a huge impact on saving energy, but hundreds of thousands of people together will make a monumental difference.

So what can you do? Very simple, change all of the light bulbs in your house to those new energy efficient bulbs. They last longer, are more efficient, and due to their demand, their costs have come way down.

Here is the two step process where you can slowly change your entire home over to energy efficient bulbs in 30 days.

Step 1: Count the number of bulbs in your home that you need to change. Mark down each bulb as to the type of base you need (small, medium, and large). Most lamps have medium based bulbs. This is the total number of bulbs that you will need to purchase from your local home center.

Step 2: Calculate your daily work. Now take the number of bulbs you need to change and divide that number by 30, the number of days to reach our goal. For example if you have 60 bulbs to change in your house, you would need to change 2 bulbs everyday for 30 days to complete this project. Can you change 2 light bulbs everyday? I am sure you can.

Now go enjoy your energy savings, and more importantly you can smile as you have just done your part to help the environment. Imagine if everybody in America (250 million people) did this simple two step process. Imagine how much energy can be saved on our planet.

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Article Title: How To Make An Environmental Impact With Little Effort

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