How Organic Products Can Help Your Family

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Information on Organic Products

You may be shocked at how much of the produce at your local supermarket has been genetically modified with chemicals and pesticides. While there is strong evidence that chemically modified foods are harmful to your health, there have been no long term studies done either.

Here is a quote from The Environmental Protection Agency �Pesticides are designed to kill pests. Many pesticides can also pose risks to people. The health effects of pesticides depend on the type of pesticide. Some, such as the organophosphates and carbonates, affect the nervous system. Others may irritate the skin or eyes. Some pesticides may be carcinogens. Others may affect the hormone or endocrine system in the body.� Now let�s take a look at the fertilizers and pesticides that are used for farming. Pesticides infiltrate deep into the foliage of plant life and they reside even after you bring them home and wash them or use some product to make sure they are clean and free of bugs.

It is best to buy organic fruits and vegetables but they can be so expensive that sometimes it just does not fit into your budget. The best part is that anybody with some soil and a shovel can grow a vegetable garden which means, healthy organic vegetables at a fraction of the price. Many of the vegetables are noticeably tastier and sweeter, not to mention healthier when they come strait from a home garden.

How to Plant Fruit trees

Another great way to produce your own organic fruits is to grow your own fruit trees. Now this requires a little more experience but it is well worth it. The fruit trees will have to be planted in a place where you can get the roots to go grow deep enough.

Apples are considered on of the most popular fruit today and when grown properly a single tree can produce up to 500 apples in a season. They taste nothing like they use to when I was a kid. It bothers me to know that the kids today have to deal with pesticides that stay in the fruit long after the crop was gathered. Then they are waxed and stored in chemical dependant surroundings. Some other possible trees to consider planting are cherry, lemon, lime, plum, pear and orange trees. Explore what will grow in your neighborhood and plant, plant, plant.

The Best Flowers, Shrubs and Herbs

Every garden should have some variety of attractive flowers. It's essential to gardens! When you have a climate that is considered dry and pretty hot then planting herbs like rosemary, thyme and sage are best. When the climate is humid but still sunny then planting herbs like chives, shallots, Italian parsley, tarragon and coriander and cooler climates suits borage, peppermint and lemon balm. This is just some suggestions but try to plant species that are native to your area. Have you considered that if you plant flowers that attract local insects, frogs or birds that this too helps with the growth of your garden.

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Article Title: How Organic Products Can Help Your Family

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