Homemade baby food

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Homemade baby food makes a healthful, economical alternative to commercial products

Ounce per ounce, commercial baby foods can make gold look like a bargain! When you add up the cost over a year's time, you can bet your budget will feel the weight.

It's also unfortunately true that some of the commercial baby foods are not organically grown products and may contain all sorts of unwanted additions, including hormones, antibiotics and pesticides! No mother wants to feed her baby foods with such additives. While these commercial baby foods are approved by the FDA, we really don't know what the long term side effects might be. Why gamble with your baby's life? Organically grown produce is abundantly available for baby food, but are also quite expensive.

Homemade baby food is the logical choice for many. Homemade baby food is surprisingly easy to make. You will surely save tons of money and be assured that your baby is eating nutritious food.

Before you get into making homemade baby food, talk with your pediatrician about which foods baby should start with and which should be added as he grows. Bring your list of food and how you intend to prepare them. Adjust your menu planning accordingly.

Homemade baby food must be freshly prepared for each meal, for maximum nutritive value. A home coffee grinder, singled out for this reason alone, does an admirable job of grinding any food into a texture suitable for baby's consumption. While you can use a blender or food processor, these appliances result in both messy waste and a large cleanup job. Considering what you'll save in a single month of homemade baby food, the investment in a home coffee grinder pays for itself. If possible, always use organically produced foods. Babies who eat exclusively organic foods are much less susceptible to allergies and resistance to antibiotics developing later in life which is a growing concern in many hospitals.

Starting off, your baby's first foods will be rice. A few spoonfuls of rice, diluted with a tablespoon or so of water, turns into the perfect consistency, with a better flavor than a commercially processed product.

Bananas, applesauce, apricots and berries are typically the next foods to be introduced. Always use freshest fruit. Bananas are quickly transformed into a homemade baby food, using your coffee grinder. Scarf down the remainder of the banana as it will go bad long before the next meal for baby. To make applesauce, simply peel and core the fresh apple, dice it in chunks and let the grinder do the rest. Fruits like apricots require a minute or two of blanching in a bowl of boiling water. The skin then peels off easily.

Ask your pediatrician about what age baby can safely eat the skin as well. The skin contains lots of fiber and vitamins for added health benefits.

Making homemade baby food might be a good reason to start a small organic garden. fruits and veggies from your own garden is the freshest ingredients you'll find anywhere.

Getting into the homemade baby food practice is fun, easy and gives baby the most nutritious start in life. You just might start a trend in the neighborhood!

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Author: Tom Johnson

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