Home Growing of Superfood Sprouts

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Hello, time for a little about the joy of sprouting? In our quest for need to know health info we have tried all sorts including sprouting! and man, we love the joy of a good sprout. Nature has decreed that things are packed full of life force and goodness when young, so in the veggie world, sprouting is a good way to take advantage.

What is sprouting? It is the simple practice of germinating your own mini plants in the comfort of your own home, providing you with a continual crop of easy to digest power packed super food that you've grown yourself!

A simple sprout fact, check this out! In some cases sprouted young plants contain 60 times the amount of enzyme packed nutrition than their unsprouted or dormant bean. This is a gift from nature, take your bean, seed, whatever, just add water and you unleash its bioavailable goodness! Did I mention that sprouts are possible one of the most easy to digest foodstuffs available? Imagine that! Your own organically grown, zero food mile, nutrition rich, super food mega crop growing in your kitchen for virtually pennies.

What you need for Sprouting

Air: sprouts need air to breath!! They are living breathing things! Good air circulation is essential to prevent them rotting and for optimum growth.

Water: after a good overnight soaking, sprouts need water every 12 hours at least and more if it is warm. They need a good soak to wash off the enzyme that stops them from germinating.

Temperature: Sprouts like kind of what we do, nice and warm for good growth and a happy plant, comfy room temperature is the way to go

Room: remember after soaking sprouts can increase in size 30 times, give them room or they'll fight it out with each other!

Light: sprouts that produce leaves do need some light eventually, indirect sunlight is fine.

A sprouter: well they'll grow anywhere really, but a sprouter does make it easy!

Things to Sprout

Green stuff
Alfalfa a daddy amongst sprouts, a true super food

Cabbage, full of life-force as sprout, undoubtedly cabbage even as a tiddler

Clover (red) lovely in salads and ready to eat in 6 days

Fenugreek green, good and somewhat groovy, a nice large sprout crop

Mustard hot little buggers these, add a little or you will be blowing out an imaginary candle

Radish turbo charged again and a hot one

Sunflower super tasty and ready in 10 days

Wheatgrass another super food, wheatgrass is a super food and a medicine

Beans, nuts and pulses

Adzuki a super bean, a super sprout!

Barley ready in 2 to 5 days

Chickpea cook this one though ready in 4 days.

Lentil very easy to grow, steam them or eat sparingly on salads, ready in 5 days.

Mung good old mung beans, great in salads
Oats you can eat sprouts raw, sweet tasting

There we go, the joy of sprouting is you've grown your own crop, you know where it's come from, I doubt you will have sprayed it with pesticide and its all green goodness. Get sprouting today!!

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Author: Roberto Garabell
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