Helpful Tips For Arranging Your Own Flowers

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Flower arrangements are a great way to add character and charm to a room, and making your own flower arrangements can be fun and therapeutic. There are a lot of simple tips and tricks that can help turn an ordinary bunch of flowers into a beautiful arrangement.

The first step is choosing the right flowers. Depending on what type of arrangement you have in mind, you will probably need more than one type of flower. To start off, it is a good idea to decide whether you want a mixed arrangement or one that is predominantly focused on one kind of flower. It is important to think about colours at this stage as well. Decide if you want a lot of colours, one main colour, or two or three colours that complement each other.

Regardless of what you choose to use, make sure that you check the petals, stems and leaves. Choose fresh, crisp blossoms and look out for any wilting or brown edges on the petals and leaves.

It important to be aware of the different elements that make up an arrangement, as well as how to use them effectively. To make a rose arrangement, for example, first, you will need to choose the right vase or bowl. It is a good idea to add floral food to the water, and to change the water daily to help keep the arrangement fresh for longer.

Before adding any type of flower, it is a good idea to remove any thorns to avoid getting any cuts or scratches while making the arrangements. Stems should be approximately twice as long as the length of the vase and should cross over each other at angles inside the vase to keep them in place. Taller stems should be used in the centre. Any leaves at the lower end of the stems should be removed and there should be no leaves covered by the water.

Making use of a foundation such as ferns or trailing ivy will make the arrangement fuller. This will form the base of your arrangement. Extra greenery like lemon leaves can also be added. Filler flowers are stems that have a lot of small blossoms, such as baby's breath. These, together with foliage will help to create a soft, full look and can round out a bouquet. The fillers are also a great way to add an extra touch of colour.

When you add the roses, or any other feature flower to the vase, make sure you use appropriate colours. If you are using two colours, such as red and white, distribute them so that there is an even spread without looking to systematic or patterned. Start at the outer edges and work your way in until it looks like the arrangement is full enough.

Line flowers are also a great addition to an arrangement. These are tall and give the arrangement a balanced look. Most of these have buds growing a long a centre stalk, for example, stock. This type of flower also looks great on its own when used in a tall cylindrical vase, and can make a striking but simple feature in a room.

Do not be afraid to get creative with your arrangements. Experiment with different vases, and try using interesting household items like a pitcher as a vase, or put some colourful stones at the bottom to hide the tips of the stems. The options are endless.

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Author: Adriana Noton
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