Growing Your Own Fresh Garden of Herbs Indoors

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If you have always wanted a fresh garden but thought you never could because of a lack of yard space, you are in luck. People who live in condominiums, apartments or rentals may find that there is not a yard to plant anything in. Even if there is, if you are renting, there is a chance that you are not allowed to dig up the yard. This can be very upsetting for someone who enjoys fresh herbs in their dishes or for their afternoon tea.

Luckily, there is a solution. There are herb gardens that can be grown indoors. This is perfect for anyone that has yard restrictions or simply does not feel like dealing with the back breaking work of an outside garden. An indoor herb garden is something that you can purchase for yourself and even grab a few to give as gifts. Just about anyone who enjoys to cook would enjoy an indoor herb garden, even if their experience with growing herbs is limited.

There are two main ways to get your fresh garden going. You can create your own garden by visiting a local nursery and select herb plants or seeds that you feel you could make the most use out of. There are also kits that you can buy which already have everything ready to go for you. All you have to do is water and provide light.

You will want to make sure that you are keeping your fresh garden watered, while being careful not to over water it. As you clip the leaves or sprigs from the plant, make sure that you are not clipping too much. You want to leave growth on the plant so that it can continue to produce herbs for you.

A great place for the fresh garden is on a window sill in a kitchen. For those who do not have window sills, there are other options. Consider creating your indoor herb garden in a hanging plant pot. You can hang this pot in front of a window, which will be great for growing herbs, and it will also serve as a very nice decoration.

Once your herbs are growing nicely, you will want to invite friends over for some homemade herbal tea or throw a dinner party. Your guests will be thrilled at the fact that you grew the herbs yourself and prepared their dinner and tea with them. Be prepared for a lot of questions as your friends find interest in your indoor herb garden. You will also get a lot of compliments and requests for more delightful treats from your kitchen.

If you have not purchased or created your own fresh garden yet, what are you waiting for? Since it is an indoor herb garden, you do not have to wait for the weather to break. You can grow your very own herbs all year round as long as you are taking care of the plants. So get started and enjoy all of the tastiness that comes from the herbs you grow.

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Article Title: Growing Your Own Fresh Garden of Herbs Indoors

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