Growing Plants in a Garden

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When you buy a house you want to have a wonderful garden where children can play and you can sit back and unwind. A garden is one place where we feel we are one with Nature and enjoy the small pleasures of life. But without potted plants and flowers, a home garden is incomplete. Before you choose the plants to grow in your home garden, walk around the neighborhood and take note of what kinds of plants are being planted. That�ll give you an idea of what grows in your area.

You can visit your local nursery and ask for their advice, which will help you select the type of plants you will grow in your home garden. The most common plants are flowering ones, such as roses. To add a cheerful look to your garden, consider getting some sunflowers. Flowering houseplants, like Clivia or Kaffir Lily add vibrancy and a touch of the exotic. The most popular exotic house plant and garden favorite, Sambac, brings the most wonderful aroma into your home garden. Cactus is one tropical plant that doesn�t need any special care. It can grow in any weather and is easy to care for.

If you are an avid gardener then you can have a patch in your garden for vegetables. Grow tomatoes, broccoli, luscious rutabaga and green vegetables in your home garden. Greens and lettuce, cumin plant and mint can also be grown as an herbal patch in your garden. If you are living in an apartment then have a few pots on your window sill of mint, tulsi, bamboo, aloe vera and curry leaves. Apart from flavor, these plants also have medicinal traits.

If you wish to plant trees that can give out fragrance then silk mimosa will be an ideal choice. This fast growing tree has attractive fragrance and its pink flowers add beauty to its fern like leaves that are shaped like a dome. Bamboo is another tree that can be grown in your garden. The Chinese say that bamboo has mystical properties that allow it to attract wealth and prosperity. Who wouldn�t want to attract those qualities?

Quality soil and sufficient water are essential to a garden for plants, flowers and trees to grow. Gardening is one of the safest and healthiest options out there. One of the most important secrets in Gardening is tending to the soil. Soil is the main key to growth. A manure-rich soil will ensure that your produce will be thriving and healthy. If you add too many chemicals to the soil, it won't be as fertile anymore. Allow earthworms and other creatures to naturally aerate the soil. These worms while moving around, �till� the soil that allows air to enter beneath and allow the soil to remain fertile. Use organic pesticides if you want to ensure the health of the soil and the plants. Adding dead leaves, grass and plant material will enhance the richness of the soil. This is called mulching. Manure that is rich in soil nutrients is cow dung. Many gardeners and farmers use it.

While watering your garden, see to it that it is evenly spread. Drip irrigation is one of the most important aspects of watering a garden. Nature balances itself beautifully. It is our duty to keep nature intact so that it can help us to lead a healthy and joyful life on this planet earth.

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Article Title: Growing Plants in a Garden

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