Growing Herbs in Pots

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Growing herbs in pots is a perfect solution to having a garden if you are limited by space or don't have a backyard Although they are specially interesting for people who lives in apartment and have limited space, they are also an interesting alternative even when you have a large dwelling and backyard. Proper pruning practices cause your plant to raise more. Caring for the plants inside is just as easy as herb gardening outdoors.

Considering the small space they take, potted herbs can be grown properly on a patio or balcony. Growing herbs in pots is favored since they can be kept at hand and be more accessible when cooking. Lemon balm, mint and lemon verbena are good examples of invading herbs that can be contained in pots. But to sum it up, growing herbs is a marvelous activity. They will fill up the room with a sweet-smelling aroma and your grocery bill will drop considerably as you enjoy the heightened flavor of freshness to your meals.

Place your interior herb garden in window boxes, hanging baskets, and pots. A deck, the patio or near the back door often in the kitchen are places of choice. You can organize the pots in a lovely way that will add appeal to the room. Groups them by type, put the accent on one focal piece and work the other pots around it or formulate a composition using different-sized containers and a varieties of hostas.

Use a quality potting soil as recommended on the seeds envelope with a proper mix of sand and gravel to assure good drainage. Plants grown in containers do best in good-quality potting medium. The mix should be sterile, should hold moisture, and should permit aeration.

Herb gardens have the advantage of being year-round, giving a continuous provision of fresh herbs. Containers of aromatic organic herbs comes in all sizes from a few small pots to a interior windowed deck. When growing indoors your first location choice should be any room, like the kitchen, with a south or west facing window when growing herbs in a container. All herbs need a sunny emplacement although some herbs expect different light requirements than others. Outside garden will be appropriate for perennials while indoor pots are well suited for annual herbs.

Plants need 4-6 hours of sunlight per day, so be sure to place your herbs in a place where they can get this light. When weather is either to hot or cold, its a good plus to be able to take the potted plants inside. Be aware that plants in containers will dry out much more rapidly than plants growing in outside ground. The moisture level must be checked regularly in order to maintain suitable moisture so that they do not wilt or get stressed from lack of water. Indoor plants savor to be delicately misted down with water on the leaves.

All herbs thrive in a very sunny location, keep in mind that some plants do not need the same amount. One idea if you cannot get your herbs near the sun inside your home is to apply an alternative light source such as a fluorescent or "grow lamp".

Growing herbs in pots is a wide subject. This article might have inspired you and would like to find out more on herb gardening in containers. My website contains a lot of supplementary information for you to enjoy, just follow the link below.

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Author: Eustache Davenport
Eustache Davenport is a gardening enthusiast and author. He lives in Montreal and enjoy teaching his gardening secrets to work groups on how to setup, optimize and maintain an amazing herb garden. For more great tips and information on ; growing herbs in pots, visit

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