Growing Herbs in Pots Offers Many Advantages

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Very often, herbs supplies are obtained by acquiring them at the local supermarket where the transport of these plants, storage and the time they are made available to the buying public may have lost a bit of the freshness. You can assure freshness and availability by growing them yourself. In the case of colder weather or the lack of space to pursue this practical and tasty goal, then you can easily grow herbs in pots and various containers directly inside of your home.

Most varieties of herbs will do very well in pots and requires minimal care. Some factors to consider are good potting soil, sunlight. Certain varieties of herbs are rather aggressive that it is almost difficult not to grow them successfully.

A great place to set up your interior herb garden is definitively the kitchen. Many will start off in this delightful and practical hobby with herbs and generally grown for culinary purpose so having fresh growing herbs nearby in the kitchen can be very handy. One you start, you will find that fresh herbs are quite different than dry or even store bought fresh herbs in both flavor and quality, and as you make it a habit of cooking and preparing meals with the ones growing in your kitchen, you"ll wonder how you ever got by using store bought dried herbs.

Although various recycled containers of all type can do the job quite well, you can also buy a plastic window box or a bunch of attractive glazed pots that can be placed in a sunny area. Windowsill, a patio or near the back door in or near the kitchen are places of choice. Use a good potting soil as recommended on the seeds envelope with a good mix of sand and gravel to assure good drainage. Be sure to use drainage plates underneath the pots to avoid any mess.

There are herbs that grows and spread very quickly that it may be a good idea to isolate them from other plants rather than mixing them with other herbs. Mint. lemon balm and herbs such as pennyroyal and hoytunia that tends to cover the entire surface are among herbs that should be grown in their own individual pots.

Then you have other herbs that, planted together in a large container, will result in an attractive mix. Beautiful combinations are obtained by using herbs such as chives and variegated oregano, french tarragon and purple basil, parsley with thyme and also sage along with summer savory.

Another advantage of growing herbs in pots or containers is the possibility of moving them around. They can be placed according to their need for sunlight which varies during the day or you might want to bring them outside during nice warm sunny days.

Many arrangements can be made simply by changing them around every so often. They look great inside a home or outside in the garden, they always add a nice ouch on patios or in a solarium. They can be placed in a decorative fashion to complement their surroundings very nicely. The major concern to keep in mind is that herbs needs sunlight so proper placement is important.

If you look around, you can easily find many various containers that can be recycled and decorated to your taste before planting the herbs. Great designs to inspire you are widely available in magazines and on the internet.

So have some fun with your project and not only will it add beauty to your surrounding, sweeten the air with sweet fragrances but your household will always eat fresh herbs.

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Author: Eustache Davenport
Eustache Davenport is a gardening enthusiast and author of the "Easy Guide To Successful Herb Gardening". He lives in Montreal and enjoy teaching his gardening secrets to work groups on how to setup, optimize and maintain an amazing herb garden. For more great tips and information on how to succeed at growing herbs in pots, visit

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Article Title: Growing Herbs in Pots Offers Many Advantages

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