Great Ideas For Setting Up Your Garden Using Feng Shui

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For most lovers of nature, gardening can be a very relaxing and fulfilling past time. Having a beautiful garden in your home, especially if you live in the busy city can offer you an amazing sense of serenity and welcome. It is widely acknowledged that the Chinese are well versed in the art of gardening, and have some of the most beautiful Feng Shui gardens you can think of. Their use of the Feng Shui gardening techniques, where they arrange objects in a deliberate manner sets them apart from most gardens. This art, now widely known can help you to set up the perfect garden for your home.

A pool, fountain or pond in the middle of your garden is the hallmark of Feng Shui gardens. A body of water, so long as it is kept extra clean and fresh is believed to promote the positive Chi energy that is believed to flow in Feng Shui gardens, which is the main aim of these gardens. The easiest way to achieve this is to have your house built on a small hill with a nice clean brook running beside it, far away from places such as cemeteries or hospitals that spoil a good mood.

Feng Shui gardening places great emphasis on the amount of light that is allowed through gardens. Thus, most Feng Shui gardens are positioned towards the south will ensure a maximum flow of the sun's energy to it; otherwise, you can take advantage of artificial lights. You should ensure that your lights are neither too dim nor too bright. The right balance is very necessary for a positive flow of energy in your garden.

One very important thing to keep in mind when designing a Feng Shui garden is not to crowd your garden with a lot of plants, inasmuch as you are a fan of nature. It is believed that this reduces the amount of energy that comes into your garden, which spoils the effect you want to achieve. It is best to select your most favorite plants for your garden. Usually, warm and bright colored plants create a more calming and positive effect, and of course makes your garden more beautiful than dull colored ones. Tools and gadgets should never be stored in a Feng Shui garden, so that your garden is kept beautiful at all times. You can be as creative as possible and further decorate you garden with hand made crafts and any other artifact, as well as a variety of bright herbs, which will always come in handy in the home. A popular practice used in Feng Shui gardening is to place a bench at the entrance to the garden.

It is advisable to always enclose your garden with a protective barrier, to mark the boundaries of your garden, as well as to protect it from harm.

You must always remember, however, to be creative and unique and make your garden special through Feng Shui gardening ideas.

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Article Title: Great Ideas For Setting Up Your Garden Using Feng Shui

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