Grass Cutting Green Options

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Grass Cutting in many parts of the nation has become a huge business. With our hectic, over scheduled lives most of us choose to let someone else do the chore of cutting our grass.

The Landscaping industry in general is a wonderful business. They create beautiful landscapes, install tress, shrubs, plants and flowers. This enhances our environment and beautifies our homes. There are a few things about the industry that is negating all the positive work they do.

Grass cutting is a big part of the business. Everyday, 5 days a week, they drive from home to home, get on their gas guzzling mowers, start up their gas powered line trimmers and blowers. They probably spend no more than 30 minutes on average at a home. Then they are back in their vehicles and on to the next house. This is an extreme amount of gas usage from the machines and the vehicles and an extreme amount of ozone destroying pollution.

We can reduce the amount of pollution going into our atmosphere if we make the time to cut our own grass, in a non-polluting way. There are more and more rechargeable mowers and trimmers coming onto the market. Most of these rechargeable mowers will cut about 1/3 of an acre on one charge. This will accommodate many residential lawns. This however still takes energy. There is one option that takes nothing more than human energy...a rotary mower.
These mowers have come a long way in recent years. They used to be heavy, awkward and required sharpening often. The rotary mowers of today are lightweight, ergonomically designed, and the blades require little sharpening. These mowers are easy to use, less expensive than traditional gas powered mowers and lawn cutting services.

Rotary mower pricing starts around $90.00 US dollars and can go as high as $300 US dollars. On the better models bagging attachments are available. The Brill Rotary Mower is the best I've come across. The blades only require sharpening once every ten years or so. A bagging option is available for about $50.00 US dollars. They are lightweight and have a smooth easy cutting action, even through thick turf.

The way a rotary lawn mower cuts is also better for the turf. It cuts the turf with scissor like motion, leaving a clean cut. A gas powered mower blade spins at a high rate of speed pulling the grass up and slicing it. If the blade is not sharp, it tears the turf. You can tell if the blade is not sharp by the white edges at the top of the grass that looks like split ends. Golf Courses often use gas powered reel type mowers on the greens for that super manicured look.

Maybe we as a nation would be a little healthier too, if we cut our own grass. So many people live sedate lives now more than ever. By cutting our own lawns with environmentally friendly equipment we are not only improving our planets health, but improving our own as well.

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This article was written by Vera Pappas, Owner of, suppliers of unique and eco-friendly garden supplies.

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Article Title: Grass Cutting Green Options

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