Grade Level Landscape Lights & Well Light Fixtures

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Well lights are concealed fixtures partially mounted within the ground that provide a distinctive form of up lighting that creates the optical effect of light emanating upward from the earth itself. Grade level well lights can accent both landscape and architectural feature, providing ambient and accent lighting for trees, monuments, gardens, atriums, and foliage. Whenever there is a need to accent any outdoor feature with an element of mystery, a well lighting fixture is almost universally the right choice for the task.

While well lights are primarily accent lights, there are some functional benefits certain types of lamps offer. In the commercial arena, business owners almost always prefer high voltage well lighting due to the exceptionally bright luminance produced by HID floodlights. Floodlights are either mercury vapor or metal halide fixtures. Metal halide typically forms a perimeter of light that encircles the property. Mercury vapor lights are more commonly used to up light trees from the ground up, although in many cases when the tree line is close to the property line the two types of fixtures can be used in tandem for even greater security and aesthetic.

Residential clients tend to gravitate more toward low voltage well lights or a hybridization of low voltage and high voltage fixtures. If a yard is big enough that it requires flood lighting, one can configure the system with floodlights in either corner of the yard to keep the property safe, then install low voltage lights throughout the interior landscape to showcase trees, ornamentation, foliage, gardens, and flower beds.

Even though well lights lie partially buried in the ground, the moisture content and saline content of the atmosphere can have an effect on them. It is important to consider one�s geography and local weather conditions when choosing well lighting fixtures. Residential Landscape Lighting and Design organizes the major lamping options for well lights under fixture category build so clients and design firms can quickly find the light source they require by simply going to the fixture material category and browsing through the options contained therein. The following is a general breakdown of what we offer:

Aluminum well lights offer the benefit of a very durable and cost effective fixture material source.

Both large and small companies can take advantage of the savings offered by aluminum well lights. Smaller single site companies can invest more in a designer�s creative services and less in the equipment itself---provided they are in a geography with low levels of salt content in the atmosphere. RLLD provides halogen lighting kits in the category that are designed to illuminate specimen trees, plants in the garden, or architectural details of a home or office building. For a more standard, warm, and general �white� light, we also provide incandescent lights in this grouping. These well lights can be configured with timers and dimmer switches to both control power on/power off during nighttime operating hours and also to set lighting levels as well for various moods and effects.

Low Voltage Aluminum well lights also provide the residential homeowner with an ideal cost-savings option in equipment purchases.

As we do in our commercial, high-voltage well lights, we also provide halogen and incandescent well lights that operate at 12 volts and minimize both power consumption and the risk of accidental electrocution. Halogen well lights in this category make for ideal garden lights. If a home has flower beds around large trees, or near a wall of either the home or the property boundary itself, halogen lights can up light both the foliage and surrounding structure with an apparently sourceless light that adds a slightly golden aura to its subject. Incandescents can be used to light shrubbery and smaller trees, and like their high voltage equivalents, are both dimmable and timer-friendly.

Brass well lights and copper well lights offer an exceptional resiliency to both humidity and salt air, and clients living near beaches can light their weekend properties with the same lighting designs as inland companies and homeowners. We also recommend considering investing in LED lighting for additional cost savings in this area. Beach homes are by no means inexpensive, and the power saving benefits of LED well lights offer a substantial reduction in operating costs in popular coastal resort areas.

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To learn more visit our grade level landscape lights section or read more about well light fixtures.

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