Going Organic: Fertilizers For Your Garden

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If you feel like giving your green thumb a boost to come up with better harvests and plants, you might want to consider purchasing organic fertilizers. More and more people are getting into organic fertilizers because the advantages are really very good.

From Chemical to Organic

Organic fertilizers have many advantages for your garden and harvest and also for people. It is non-toxic so you can be sure that the food items that you produce are one hundred percent free from any harmful chemicals that might have mutated the plant. As a result, people will less worry about their health when they eat your plants or vegetables. It is also a lot cheaper compared to chemical fertilizers, and you can also easily use this in your farm by adding certain ingredients that will enhance the compounds.

Additionally, the fertility of the soil that has been treated with organic fertilizer is much higher compared to using chemical fertilizer. You could use one bag of organic fertilizer on your soil and you will not need to replenish it until after some time. And of course, the use of organic fertilizer also means a safer environment for you and your workers.

Types of Organic Fertilizers

It is a good thing then to note that organic fertilizers are readily available in the market � it is all just a matter of choosing which one you think will be ideal for your soil. The first type that you will see is the seaweed fertilizer. It is very soluble and easily dissolves into the ground to enrich your vegetable and fruit tree seedlings. It is jam-packed with nutritious content thanks to the healthiness of the seaweed. It also comes in soluble fiber powder form which is easy to scatter and very economical.

Second, you have the liquid tea variety. This one is all-purpose and can speed up the growth of your plants if you think they need to bud faster than usual. It is also made from India Blue worm castings which are one hundred percent organic as well as natural spring water from the mountains. The compounds continuously produce multiple nutrients to ensure that your plant stays healthy as it grows, and it also protects the plants against harmful insects like aphids, spider mites and white flies. Other common diseases and some fungal infections are kept at bay thanks to the liquid tea fertilizer, such as rust, mildew, black spot plus some other pathogens.

Manure fertilizer, the third kind, is food for the plants that is very easy to apply. This type, when you buy it, will come in dehydrated form and granulated very well so it is easy for you to scatter it onto the ground. Apart from keeping the plants alive and nourished, it is also very good for the soil and makes the soil healthy as well. Many who are into Gardening attest to the benefits of using manure fertilizer to keep their vegetables and the flowers healthy and flourishing.

Very Easy to Use

The best part about organic fertilizers is that they are very easy to dispense. All you need to do is scatter it around (enough for the soil to be covered) and water it. as soon as it comes into contact with water, the natural particles will dissolve immediately so it seeps right into the plant and the ground.

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Author: Luke Bagley
Learn more about organic fertilizers and their proper application at www.feedmyplants.com - Luke Bagley's online plant care guide.

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Article Title: Going Organic: Fertilizers For Your Garden

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