Going Green in Garden Design

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Gardening is more than just making an outdoor space colourful. With a well-designed garden, you can create a mood, additional living space, and a living oasis filled with fragrance and brilliant greens. Gardening can be time consuming and can cost more than you might want to spend, but there are other ways to design and create a garden that will save money and actually help the environment.

Brick by Brick
Old brick buildings are falling into disrepair all over the city, but those bricks don�t have to be dumped in the rubbish bin, they can be reused in your garden landscaping. Lining up bricks along natural embankments, or along the bottom of hills, or around bushes will create a natural barrier that will make your garden look neater without the cost of fencing. Bricks can also be used to create an outdoor fire pit where you can warm yourself during the cooler months and still enjoy an evening outdoors under the stars.

Recycled and Beautiful
You can�t even begin to imagine the different things around the house that can be used to decorate your garden, and even grow your garden. Here are a few things you can use (reuse) to design and build a delightful garden:

- Juice box planters: you can use cardboard or aluminum juice boxes as individual planters for seeds. Once the seeds sprout you have colorful planters that are also conversation pieces for any garden party.

- Coffee bag hanging planter: instead of tossing out that coffee bag once you�ve brewed up the last of the beans, you can punch holes in the sides, attach two hooks and some nylon rope, poke a few holes in the bottom, and use it as a planter for your favorite hanging plants.

- Water bottle planters: if you like the taste of fresh herbs but don�t have the space for an herb garden, you can create the perfect space reusing something you�d toss out anyway � water bottles. Using old water bottles, cut the tops off the bottles, pack it with rich soil, plant some of your favourite herbs (thyme, rosemary, cilantro, dill, basil, etc�), and watch as you grow your own fresh herbs for all of your best dishes.

- The Gardner�s Desk: if you have an old desk sitting about you can use it as a very imaginative and purposeful garden planter. Place a wooden desk in a prominent (or out of the way) place, open the desk drawers, fill them with soil, and plant your favourite blooms. You can use the desk surface to hold your water bottle herb garden, or you can use it as an actual writing surface and take notes on your gardening adventures.

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Author: Jade Carter
Jade Carter is a DIY gardener who has been writing about gardening since she left the city and settled down to have her family. See the My Garden School Online Courses website.

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Article Title: Going Green in Garden Design

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