Get Started Growing Your Own Fruit and Vegetables

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When to start? In the past allotments traditionally changed hands on September 29th which is the set date for paying agricultural rents. Autumn is the ideal period to take over a plot. It gives you the time to prepare for the following year, often in reasonable weather. Many allotment sites use the calendar year, or start at other times- but it�s worth contacting them at any time of the year to see if they have any vacancies, or a waiting list.

The key to long-term success with an allotment is to be realistic about how much you can tackle. Take things slowly planning to do less than the maximum. It will take several years to get things as you would like them. The whole point about allotmenting is that it should be recreational, fun even, for everyone involved. It shouldn�t be a chore- and it doesn�t have to be a competition with your neighbour!

Tools and Equipment. If you don�t already have a collection of gardening tools, take time to choose what you need for the allotment. Always handle a tool before purchase so you know that you are comfortable with it. Handle length is crucial for spades, folks, hoes and rakes. Look out for longer or shorter handles if necessary.

If you are tall, buy a rake or hoe head on its own, then fit a longer handle. Weight is also important- remember that a spade will be loaded with soil when in use, so don�t buy one that feels heavy when you pick it up empty. A boarder spade or folk, which has a smaller head, is often a good choice. You will be able to keep working longer if each spade is not an effort. If possible try out other peoples tools on the ground first. When buying tools children, make sure that they are designed for proper use, nit just as toys.

Second hand tools are often available through ads in the papers or at car boot sales. They will generally work as well as new ones at a fraction of the price.

As many allotment plots are infected with soil Bourne pests and diseases, it can pay to have a separate allotment tools to prevent disease going into your garden soil

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Vegetable Gardening is an amazing hobby. Vegetable-Gardens have loads of information on how to easily grow your own organic fruit and vegetables at home. Seeds can easily be ordered online from places such as Suttons Seeds which means you have no reason not to get started growing your own

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Article Title: Get Started Growing Your Own Fruit and Vegetables

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