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Our introduction to flower garden ideas will contains the basics, which will be followed by a more comprehensive look at this topic. No matter if your garden space consists of a small, shady balcony or acres of land with every possible exposure, you can have a beautiful flower garden that gives your home a welcoming, cheerful look. rnrnHere are several flower garden ideas that are suited to a variety of gardening situations. If you have just a small space, such as a balcony or condo entryway, potted and hanging plants are naturals. You need to consider the light requirements for the location, but there are dozens of flowers that will grow and bloom profusely. rnrnFor shady spaces, consider fuchsias, begonias, campanulas, ferns and hostas. For a sun-drenched location, miniature or tree roses, summer phlox, marigolds, marguerites and daisies are easy to grow and will provide a bright display all summer. If your balcony is subject to wind, consider screening the area as a windbreak. Small scale flower garden ideas should include a variety of pot sizes and mixes of color. For example, the red to purple fuchsia spectrum contrasts beautifully with the light blue of campanulas, with hostas adding an exotic touch.rnrnWith a larger space, your flower garden ideas really open up. Here, you can paint your landscape with wide swaths of a number of different flowers. For both sun and shade, you can mix annuals and perennials together for a longer season of color. Dramatic effects can be achieved by planting a large section in marigolds, backed by a parallel planting of marguerites interspersed with yellow daisies. Stagger plant heights, with the shortest to the front. rnrnLacy or feathery-leaved plants, such as gypsophilia and angelica should be placed behind fuller plants, so that you don't have a bare look that ruins your composition. If you enjoy spring bulbs, such as daffodils or tulips, you can overplant with day lilies or any full-leaved, summer blooming plant. As the bulbs die down, your summer plants fill in the space attractively. For a quick-growing, magnificent display of annuals, try planting morning glory against fences or trellises. rnrnIf you plant in early May, you'll have hundreds of blooms by mid-July. If you love vases of cut flowers in your home, it takes just an 8' x 8' plot to have every vase in your house filled with flowers all summer long. You'll find that the most successful flower garden ideas grow out of your imagination, fueled by a picture book of annuals and perennials. You get to be the artist of this living landscape. Choose color combinations that you enjoy. rnrnThe smaller the garden space, the more contrast should be used. For example, a small porch with pots of bright orange and red marigolds is set off perfectly with pots of deep blue lobelia surrounding them. White and magenta flower shades will also fit into this color scheme, if space allows. Maybe your neighbors will be asking you for your flower garden ideas by mid-summer. Have fun! As my smart mom used to say, knowledge equals power, so continue reading knowledge about flower garden ideas until you feel you are adequately educated on the subject. You can gain more information about this fun and exciting topic if you Google it.

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