Garden Tool And Garage Storage Solutions For Spring Cleaning

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As spring creeps upon us it�s time to consider what to do with all of the clutter we packed away as soon as it started to get cold. Many people have sheds and garages packed with things they�ll need to get out again: bicycles, garden tools, sports equipment and more. If you�re tired of going through this routine year in and year out, you need to find a storage solution that works all year round, where it�s not only easy to get all of the seasonal gear you need, but where daily and long term storage are exactly the same. While many people are content to just drive nails to hang things and be done with it, nails bend, poke you when you walk by them, don�t hold much and lead to an ugly looking storage space.

Pegboards are one of the most common garage storage solutions. A basic pegboard system is wood or treated cardboard with a series of holes. These holes hold hooks in any configuration you like, which can be used to hang your tools. Unfortunately, traditional pegboards have a number of problems. They grow, shrink and warp with as the seasons change. They can break or tear if they aren�t mounted properly, and the holes wear and rip over time. As a result, most people banish their pegboards to one corner of their garage, tool shed or workshop � hardly a solution that gets rid of the need to spring clean.

Fortunately, the pegboard concept can still work, but you need to have the right kind of pegboard. Metal pegboards don�t have the breaking and warping issues of their wood and cardboard counterparts. Like any other product, metal pegboards come in different levels of quality. One tough, high quality steel pegboard is Ironsides Storage Solutions� Holey Rail�. The Holey Rail � is made of thick steel with peg holes that are extruded, not drilled. This means that the pegboard holes are molded into place, so they won�t compromise the integrity of the steel. As a result, this system can hold very heavy objects, including rakes, bicycles, large tools, bags and even plastic containers. The mounting will fail before the steel does, and if you mount it properly, that�s unlikely to happen at all. Combined with large peg hooks and reinforcing peg strappers, the Holey Rail� serves as a permanent storage solution that�s also accessible.

A garage storage solution like this will greatly simplify your spring cleaning. There don�t need to be �summer� and �winter� storage locations for your bikes, garden tools or other seasonal equipment. You can confidently leave everything where it�s supposed to be for the long term. This steel pegboard rating is easy to mount as well, because it won�t bend between anchor points. Instead of having a small pegboard sitting just above your workbench, you can mount these across the entire inside of your garage or shed. Give steel pegboards a try. You�ll cut your cleaning down and put everything you need to enjoy the warm weather close at hand.

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Author: Chris Gill
Ironsides Storage Solutions is the exclusive manufacturer of the Holey Rail� heavy duty metal pegboard system. This and other systems are ideal garage storage solutions for heavy objects. Order by phone, web or through by select distributors for retail sale.

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Article Title: Garden Tool And Garage Storage Solutions For Spring Cleaning

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